SampleScience Releases Free Cassette Roads Electric Piano


SampleScience has released Cassette Roads, a freeware electric piano instrument featuring that was resampled from an audio cassette.

Cassette Roads is a virtual electric piano available as a VST plugin, VST3 plugin, and AU plugin for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. It is a sample-based instrument developed with Maize Sampler. The sounds were recorded to an audio cassette first and then resampled back to the computer. As a result, the plugin has an intentionally grungy sound that is an excellent fit for genres like lofi hip-hop, vaporwave, and more.

The source samples have plenty of lofi character, but the plugin lets you color the tone even more with a multi-mode filter (low-pass and high-pass modes are available), a reverb, and a syncable LFO module. The LFO can modulate the pitch, and that’s a great combo for emulating the instability of old tape recorders.

Cassette Roads also has an ADSR envelope, a preamp, and a portamento control. A virtual keyboard is included for previewing the sounds in the DAW. It’s also worth pointing out that the plugin supports three voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato.

Cassette Roads is the sound of an electric piano recorded on a cassette. It’s the perfect plugin to create lofi beats to study to or even better, lofi vaporwave lullabies. Best of all, Cassette Roads is free of charge!

All things considered, Cassete Roads is definitely worth the download if you make lofi beats. The plugin provides a characterful electric piano sound that’s instantly usable, and there’s also some flexibility for tweaking the sounds and making them more personal.

Cassette Roads can be downloaded for free from the SampleScience website (optional donations are welcome). You don’t need to sign up or activate the software. Simply download the files and load the plugin in your digital audio workstation of choice.

More info: Cassette Roads (47.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Arlen J Yanch


    Anyone else having issues getting Logic Pro 10.5 to recognize the Maize player? I’m using Catalina. Followed the instructions to a ‘T’ but still don’t see it.

    • SampleScience


      There’s no vinyl effect on it, the vinyl has only been added for the demo track and comes from Northern Boarders, another SampleScience plugin. Also, unlike what you said, you can tweak the sound with the build-in multi-LFO, amplitude envelope, and filter. The epiano is not “normal”, it has been recorded to cassette and denoized.

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