Softube Tape Is Only €39 @ Plugin Boutique (60% OFF)


Plugin Boutique is running an exclusive 60% OFF deal on Tape (€39 on sale) analog tape emulation plugin by Softube.

Softube is no stranger to the world of high-end analog emulation. They are the creators of the Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor and the Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor, some of the best sounding, warmest, most highly regarded analog emulations around.

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So when Softube threw their hat in the analog tape emulation ring with Tape, people took notice.

It’s since gone to garner wide critical acclaim, including that of industry legends like Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2, Strokes), Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson), and BT.

And if there’s anyone I trust, it’s BT, the creator of This Binary Universe, one of the most prolific electronic albums of all time.

Softube Tape cuts out the fluff while still offering a wide range of sound, emulating three different tape machines, presented as A, B, and C.

The “A” tape model simulates the sound of “a classic Swiss high-end reel-to-reel machine, known and loved for its precision and linearity.” It’s by far the most transparent and flat of the three models, making it the most versatile.

“B” and “C” emulate a “transformer-based” and a “British” tape machine, respectively, and color the signal in more pronounced ways. The “B” tape seems to thick up the low end, while the “C” model enhances the higher frequencies.

The Tape Speed knob goes through five different settings, decreasing the high-end frequency response and increasing saturation on its lowest settings, and increasing brightness while sacrificing bass at its highest.

Pressing the Remote Control tab brings up additional options. These include a wet/dry knob and a Speed Stability knob, which essentially functions as a “wow and flutter” effect. The Remote Control tab is where you’ll also find the High Freq Trim, which is useful when playing around with Tape Speed, and Crosstalk, which controls the leak between the left and right channels – a helpful feature that captures the unique behavior of real analog recording setups.

If you run Presonus Studio One, you can not only use Tape as a standard plug-in. Adding Tape to your MixFX slot gives you Tape Multitrack. Tape Multitrack includes all the goodies of Tape, but in addition, you get selectable crosstalk between each individual track — and you can easily control the Tape Multitrack settings from a single interface.

There you’ll also find a noise switch, which adds a bit of extra brightness, and rounding out the feature set – of course – is a tape stop effect.

It sounds great both on individual tracks and as a master tape, and it’s surprisingly CPU-efficient.

Softube’s Tape plugin is simple to use and incredibly versatile. Priced at €39 during the sale, it’s an absolute bargain. It sounds excellent immediately and with zero hassle, and, used correctly, can easily take care of all your tape emulation needs.

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More info: Softube Tape (on sale @ Plugin Boutique for €39, available as a 64-bit plugin for Windows and macOS)

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