Waves OneKnob Phatter Is FREE Until October 11th!


ModeAudio is offering the OneKnob Phatter ($49 value) plugin by Waves as a free download until October 11th, 2020.

OneKnob Phatter is yet another time-limited freebie offer from Waves Audio, following the OneKnob Wetter reverb and the Renaissance Vox vocal compressor. Not that we’re complaining!

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As our reader Simbarashe Fitz-Collins Motsi noticed in a comment on another article, one could have potentially collected a total of ten Waves plugins for free so far this year. Add the recent Reason 11 Rack offer to that list of gifts from Waves, and you’ll start asking yourself if Christmas somehow went by without you even noticing.

The latest free Waves plugin comes from ModeAudio, a sound design label whose products we’ve reviewed multiple times in the past. In fact, ModeAudio recently offered a free drum sample pack for BPB readers.

OneKnob Phatter is a bass booster plugin designed to add weight and body to kick drums, bass guitars, synth bass, and other mix elements that occupy the low end of the frequency spectrum. The bass enhancer from Waves audio can work as a subtle bass processor that will boost the low-end frequencies ever so slightly. That said, no one is stopping you from cranking that bass knob to eleven and stress-testing your studio monitors, as well as your neighbors’ patience.

Much like the other entries in the OneKnob plugin series, OneKnob Phatter features a single control. The bass knob operates as a macro control that adjusts multiple parameters under the hood. That said, OneKnob Phatter’s main building block is an analog-style low shelf filter that was pre-calibrated for boosting the low-end frequencies. Increasing the bass knob will amplify the bass frequency content volume while introducing analog-style saturation and harmonics.

OneKnob Phatter usually costs $49 (currently on sale for $23.99), but you can get it for free until October 11th, 2020. Waves teamed up with ModeAudio for this time-limited freebie offer.

To claim your free OneKnob Phatter license, visit the promo page on ModeAudio’s website and click the link to the Waves website. Click the GET ONEKNOB PHATTER FREE button and your personal serial key will be auto-generated.

Click the button highlighted in red to get Waves OneKnob Phatter for free.

Click the button highlighted in red to get Waves OneKnob Phatter for free.

You will need to sign up for a Waves user account to register your free copy of OneKnob Phatter. Also, the Waves Central license manager needs to be installed for license activation purposes.

OneKnob Phatter is available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

IMPORTANT: The OneKnob Phatter product page still shows the standard price. Be sure to follow the link below to download OneKnob Phatter for free.

More info: OneKnob Phatter (FREE @ ModeAudio until October 11th, 2020)

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    Many thanks to BPB readers ConsUme, Marc, and Szilárd for the info about the Waves OneKnob Phatter freebie. Thanks for your support!

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    this website is Great, in just the last week, i got 3 waves and 2 Plugin Alliance plugins for Free, well done and keep up the Great work.

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