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W.A. Production’s Gain Rider Plugin Is Free For A Limited Time


VSTBuzz offers the Outlaw Lite ($29.90 value) volume rider effect by W.A. Production as a free download for a limited time only.

Outlaw Lite is W.A. Production’s lightweight gain riding effect. The plugin analyzes the amplitude of the processed signal and levels it by automatically adjusting the output volume. The plugin compensates for any changes in the signal’s amplitude.

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Unlike compression, which uses dynamic range reduction to level the audio, Outlaw Lite uses a technique similar to “riding” the volume fader on a hardware mixer manually. Of course, the plugin is more precise than a human manually riding the volume slider using their hand.

Outlaw Lite is based on W.A. Production’s flagship Outlaw ($39 value) plugin. Its features are relatively comparable to the Vocal Rider plugin by Waves and similar plugins from other vendors.

The plugin is easy to operate. There are four controls in total: Gate, Target, Mix, and Gain. Set the target volume first, then use the gain and mix knobs to fine-tune the processed audio to your liking.

The gain reduction monitor on the right shows the amount of volume riding applied to the signal. The plugin sounds transparent most of the time. That said, the volume automation artifacts tend to become clearly audible when more aggressive processing is applied.

Outlaw Lite is priced at $29.90 normally. You can get it for free at VSTBuzz until November 16th, 2020. Claim your free copy of Outlaw Lite by signing up at VSTBuzz and completing the free checkout process.

On a related note, the team at VSTBuzz is running a 70% OFF deal on the “Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE” virtual instrument by Ujam. Also worth noting is the 2020 Halloween Mega Pack collection by W.A. Production.

Finally, the team at Plugin Boutique is running a massive 90% OFF deal on the Outlaw Bundle. Get the Outlaw gain rider, Pumper compressor, and more with a single $5.90 payment for the full software bundle.

More info: Outlaw Lite | Outlaw Bundle (FREE @ VSTBuzz until November 16th, 2020)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. It’s actually the CM version for Computer music readers and deleted some advance features ,which still nice to use.But worth $30?If you say so WA.

      • pluginprices are marketing and you can not tell the worth of a plugin by just looking at the msrp.
        sometimes an msrp is just there to make the discounted price look cheap and make the cheap plugin look highend.
        some plugins are never offered at their full price.

  2. Lovely, thanks again Tomislav, BPB & C. Hardless

    This is a nice lite plug-in.
    I think it could be used aggressively within an actual song or it would be great to use it on a long Recording to level it out a bit as well, very much appreciated

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