Magix coreFX VolumeFormer Is Free Until November 11th


Magix offers the coreFX VolumeFormer ($24.99 value) volume automation plugin as a free download until November 11th, 2020.

coreFX VolumeFormer is a volume modulation tool with a customizable automation curve. It can simulate the “pumping compression” effect of a sidechain compressor. It also works as a more advanced tremolo effect capable of fast and irregular volume modulation.

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The plugin features a clean-looking interface with a real-time waveform display and a customizable volume curve. The user can draw in any curve shape to automate the volume of the incoming audio signal.

Volume modulation can be fine-tuned in several ways, including its intensity, time-shifting, and BPM synchronization. One of coreFX VolumeFormer’s cool features is the Manual Trigger mode. It enables the one-shot functionality, using the custom curve as a volume envelope rather than a continuous LFO.

There are multiple BPM synchronization options available. Also supported are triplets, which is a great option for adding rhythmic variety to background elements like pads and synths.

coreFX VolumeFormer also features a real-time gain meter that shows the volume difference between the incoming audio and the signal on the output.

The plugin comes with a rather large collection of presets covering the most common usage scenarios (Envelope, Gate, Pump, Tremolo, and Wah). Unfortunately, it is not possible to save custom presets for later use.

coreFX VolumeFormer features a clean interface with a subtle color scheme.

coreFX VolumeFormer features a clean interface with a subtle color scheme.

Volume automation that simulates sidechain compression isn’t a new concept. Numerous commercial plugins offer this functionality. Some popular choices are the VolumeShaper 6 by Cableguys, Kickstart by Nicky Romero, Duck ($26) by Devious Machines, and LFO Tool ($49) by Xfer Records.

It’s also worth noting that Magix already offered coreFX VolumeFormer as a free download in July this year. Back then, several BPB readers commented that the freeware TAL-Filter-2 plugin by Togu Audio Line offers the same functionality and some additional features. Another good freeware alternative is the MTremolo effect by MeldaProduction.

That said, why not download the coreFX VolumeFormer plugin while it’s free and see if it works for you?

coreFX VolumeFormer is normally priced at $24.99 in the Magix online store. It is available for free download until November 11th, 2020.

The software is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

More info: coreFX VolumeFormer (172 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin formats for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Oh, and I just got WA Prod Dodge Pro a few weeks ago. Same thing, but multiband + sum of two envelopes + can store presets ;-)

  2. i always used the free tal filter 3 for this. i just think its underrated a f. You can use it on volume and different types of filters, i just think its one of the simplest yet most usefool tools out there in this category.

  3. You missed in you review that the Volume Former has besides the usual pure VCA gate also a Low Pass and High Pass Gate for the volume processing.

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