Top 100 Black Friday 2020 Deals (For Music Producers)


Black Friday 2020 is here. The crazy discounts and freebies are here, too. Read our article about the best Black Friday deals on music production software, VST plugins, digital audio workstations, and more!

The list is organized into three sections: Software Deals (featuring audio plugins and digital audio workstations), Soundware Deals (featuring sample packs and Kontakt libraries), and Freebies. The no-brainer deals are highlighted in red, and the best value deals are highlighted in yellow.

We listed the top 100 Black Friday offers for now, but the article will be updated with new deals and freebies until the end of the Black Friday season.

Be sure to check out the comments section, too. It’s an absolute goldmine of deals and offers, thanks to our readers (and feel free to post a comment about your favorite Black Friday deals, too)!

OK, let the Black Friday craze on BPB begin!

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Software Deals – Black Friday 2020

Soundware Deals – Black Friday 2020

  • 🔥HOT! Loopmasters are running a site-wide Black Friday sale with up to 80% OFF discounts on sound libraries like Dubstep Bundle and Vocals & Chops Bundle.
  • Plugin Boutique offers huge discounts on best-selling Kontakt libraries:
  • Function Loops offers a 60% OFF deal on all products when you apply the coupon code BLACK at checkout.
  • 💡VALUE! Loopcloud offers a no-brainer $3 deal, including a three-month subscription and a FREE Loopmasters Bass Master virtual instrument license.
  • PluginFox runs multiple high-savings deals on soundware. Earn loyalty points with each purchase.
  • MyLoops has a special promotion in store for Black Friday 2020. The deals start on November 26th, so stay tuned for more info.
  • 🔥HOT! A Sound Effect runs a massive sale with up to 79% OFF hundreds of popular sound effects libraries, plugins, and virtual instruments.
  • Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes launched their biggest sale ever with up to 90% OFF in discounts. There’s a limited amount of discount codes available. The sale ends on November 10th.
  • 💡VALUE! BOOM Library offers a range of sales and special offers this Black Friday season. Get up to 75% OFF individual products. Purchase multiple sound libraries and get the cheapest one for free.
  • Embertone joins the Black Friday craze (they call it the Bruce Friday Sale) with a sitewide 50% OFF discount on sound libraries.
  • Keepforest offers up to 70% OFF in discounts this Black Friday season.
  • Loot Audio launched their largest-ever Black Friday event with over 700 Kontakt deals, 1,200 sample pack deals, 50 plugin deals, and 250 soundbank deals.
  • 💡VALUE! ModeAudio offers a 50% OFF sale this Black Friday! All products are discounted until November 30th.
  • One Man Tribe runs a deal on percussion sound libraries. Pay $17 and get 10 sample packs.
  • WA Production runs a wide range of sales this Black Friday.
  • Sonic Atoms launched a 50% OFF sale on the Baltic Shimmers sound library.
  • Samples From Mars offers up to 50% OFF individual sample libraries and 85% OFF product bundles. The best offer, though, is the 97% OFF deal on the All the Samples From Mars bundle.
  • AKAI Professional offers three MPC Expansion Packs for $9.99 instead of the regular $100 value.
  • Wavparty launches the 2020 Mega Bundle and offers 50% OFF everything!
  • 💡VALUE! Sound Author offers premium U-He soundsets for up to 60% OFF. Considering that the libraries are already priced pretty fairly, you’re getting quite a bargain. Don’t forget the U-He Bundle is an excellent saving, including four quality soundsets for the price of one!
  • Ava Music Group launched an up to 65% OFF sale on sound libraries.

Freebies – Black Friday 2020

  • Fresh Vocal Hooks is a Black Friday freebie gift from Function Loops.
  • 🔥HOT! Free To Use Sounds offer 52 FREE sound libraries this Black Friday season.
  • Reason Goodie Bag is a free set of freebies from Reason Studios, celebrating twenty years of Reason.
  • Slate Digital offers six free sample packs this Black Friday season. They will also release a FREE plugin later this week.
  • Sonuscore offers a free felt piano library for a limited time only.
  • 🔥HOT! Waves Audio offers FREE CLA EchoSphere plugin on Black Friday.
  • 🔥HOT! AudioThing SR-88 is FREE at Bedroom Producers Blog.
  • HandPan Tribalized is FREE at One Man Tribe.
  • Granulat granular sound design library for Kontakt is FREE at VSTBuzz.
  • Synare From Mars is FREE at Samples From Mars. Thanks to Christian for the info!
  • 🔥HOT! Fresh Air vintage exciter plugin by Slate Digital is a FREE download for a limited time only.
  • More Cowbell PLS by Reflekt Audio is free for a limited time. It’s a sample-based cowbell instrument. Thanks to Praneet for the info!
  • Abstract Vox vocal plugin by Digital Pro Sounds is free to download, requires a valid email address.
  • Cinematic Drones is a free sound pack by Ava Music Group.

Our huge Top 100 Black Friday Deals article is now live, but we keep adding new deals on an hourly basis. Stay tuned for more epic freebies this Black Friday season.

Feel free to suggest your favorite deals in the comments section below.

UPDATE: New deals added and more coming soon! Thanks to everyone for the tips in the comments section. Much appreciated!

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  1. Great list,
    You can add Toontracks (EZ drummer etc) sales and Positive (who make positive bias FX etc) on the list (metal month + black friday)

  2. Thanks a lot Tomislav & BPB team for your news & your hard work creating this awesome page & thanks to all of the contributing readers for sharing your information as well.
    Great page so far 👍

  3. Thanks ! Here are two more for the guitarists. Nembrini audio has everything, including all their excellent amp Sims, 70% off. Neural DSP also has a sale, I think half off but can’t remember.

  4. Big thanks for this huge compilation!

    Just wanna ask a quick questions anybody might be able to answer.
    I already have some plugins on my watchlist I want to buy, but i’m wondering if its worth to wait until friday, to see if there are even bigger discounts.
    Does anybody of you have some experience with black friday plug-in shopping? How do you approach this?

    Thanks for your answers

    • I don’t think it matters now as they all all out there with sales now. These companies are looking to get ahead of the game by offering their deals earlier so that you spend money with them instead of someone else.

  5. Nice times for freebies, I just found that Novation has added d16 Devastator 2 as a freebie to the their Sound Collective members :-)

  6. Maximilian and Daniel


    Hi there. First, thank you for this awesome list! We’re two guys from Schallmaster is our first own Startup. We have no Budget because we’ve released our Plattform just yet and trying to get some help with publicity. We would feel honored if you could feature it in your Black Friday List. We could also work on a deal together if you have an idea what we could offer you.

    We would be happy to hear back from you!

    Thank you!

  7. Hi , thanks for the list , few days ago I’ve got new that Presonus ( or Focusrite ?? sorry too many news . . ) had set free the plugins offered with their own sound cards but I’m not able to find the offer as I was on mobile and their site was not opening correctly , any infos about it ?

    • Thanks for the Yummy Beats info. That’s the first time I downloaded sample libraries in .exe format. Strange to say the least.

      • A bit unusual, but I don’t think it is something fishy about it. Yummy Beats have been around for several years as a vendor. An Exe file can sometimes be a self extracting archive.

    • The code for Plugin Alliance now is BFD3-2999

      Fantastic deal. Get something before it is over. I picked up the Ampeg V4B amp. Killer plugin.

  8. Krotos Audio have a 50% sale on their products. :) Add them to the list! Sale ends 6 December.

    Thanks for this awesome list!

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