Get Bitwig Studio 8-Track For €9,99 With Beat Workzone


The latest edition of Beat Workzone (€9,99) includes a free Bitwig Studio 8-Track license and 14 GB of additional music production software and samples.

Beat Workzone is an online publication by Beat Magazine. Its main focus is on music production tutorials and audio software. The magazine costs €9,99, and it’s available as a digital download from Sellfy. The magazine is only available in German.

Beat Workzone issues are also included in all subscription plans at  Plugins & Samples. Yearly subscribers at Plugins-Samples get access to 90+ back issues of Beat Magazine, including all the software highlights (while stocks last).

By purchasing the Beat Workzone magazine, you will get instant access to Bitwig Studio 8-Track, which is a feature-limited version of Bitwig’s flagship digital audio workstation. It is limited to eight audio tracks, but you can use a large selection of Bitwig devices for music production and sound design.

Get the Bitwig 8-Track workstation for FREE with the latest Beat Workzone.

Get the Bitwig 8-Track workstation for FREE with the latest Beat Workzone.

The latest issue of Beat Workzone also includes 14 GB of additional software, samples, and plugins.

But that’s not all. Beat Magazine offers a few more excellent deals this month. Let’s take a look at those, too!

More info: Sellfy | Plugs & Samples

FREE IK Multimedia Tape Echo With Beat Magazine (€4,99)

The latest issue of Beat Magazine (also available in English) includes a free copy of the Tape Echo plugin by IK Multimedia. It also comes with Voltage Modular Beat Edition and 12 GB of exclusive free plugins and samples.

Tape Echo is IK Multimedia’s emulation of the Maestro Echoplex EP-3 hardware delay unit from 1969. It delivers the classic sound of vintage tape echo effects, including the pitch imperfections, saturation, and filtering. Use the Tape Echo plugin to add warmth and depth to your music.

Tape Echo by IK Multimedia is FREE with the latest Beat Magazine.

Tape Echo by IK Multimedia is FREE with the latest Beat Magazine.

Also worth checking out is the Voltage Modular Beat Edition plugin. It is Beat Magazine’s edition of the popular Voltage Modular synthesizer by Cherry Audio. Use a range of included modular patches or build your own from scratch.

In addition to the free software content, Beat Magazine features 100 pages of gear reviews, music production workshops, tutorials, interviews, and more. You can purchase single issues or yearly subscriptions at Zinio, falkemedia, and Plugs & Samples.

More info: Zinio | falkemedia | Plugs & Samples

96% OFF Beat Zampler Expansions @ VSTBuzz

Beat Zampler is one of the best sample-based instruments on the market, and Beat Magazine keeps publishing high-quality expansion packs for it.

You can now download €740 worth of premium Zampler expansions for just €29 at VSTBuzz. The bundle includes 72 libraries and over 77 GB of sample content.

Get over 70 expansions for Beat Zampler at VSTBuzz.

Get over 70 expansions for Beat Zampler at VSTBuzz.

Explore the Beat Zampler collection to discover a range of modern synth sounds, retro instruments, cinematic orchestra sounds, EDM samples, and more.

The best thing about it is that Zampler lets you customize each preset to your liking. Use the included Zampler presets as-is, or process them using multi-mode filters, envelopes, LFOs, and built-in effects.

The deal expires on December 1st.

More info: VSTBuzz | Beat Zampler

LoFi EDM for Zampler & MPC (€12.49)

ZamplerSounds released LoFi EDM for Beat Zampler and Akai MPC. The library contains 2.2 GB of premium sample content and over 100 presets for a range of lofi-inspired music styles.

You can download the latest version of Zampler//RX for free at Beat Zampler.

More info: ZamplerSounds

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