AudioThing SR-88 Drum Machine Is FREE For BPB Readers (EXPIRED)


We are delighted to offer the SR-88 (€29) drum machine by AudioThing as an exclusive freebie for all BPB readers until Saturday, November 28th (6 pm CET).

Black Friday 2020 is here, and so are hundreds of deals on music production software, VST plugins, Kontakt libraries, and more.

But it’s always nice to get something for free!

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As a THANK YOU to all BPB readers, we teamed up with our friends at AudioThing to do something special this Black Friday. They loved the idea and offered the SR-88 drum machine plugin as an exclusive freebie at Bedroom Producers Blog.

Sign up now and receive your free AudioThing SR-88 license on November 29th! 🎁

Learn more about the plugin in our mini-review below and scroll down the page to sign up for the freebie deal.

AudioThing SR-88 – Overview

SR-88 is a retro drum machine with five analog drum sounds and a built-in step sequencer. The plugin is loosely based on the SoundMaster Memory Rhythm SR-88 analog drum machine from 1981.

AudioThing’s take on the original SR-88 adds a step sequencer, drum editing controls, a set of built-in effects (distortion, reverb, compressor), and a low-pass resonant filter. This is a high-quality ZDF filter module.

Each drum channel features decay and pitch controls, a stereo pan slider, and an output volume knob. A master gain knob is also included in the mixer section.

If you’re a fan of retro analog drum sounds, you will instantly fall in love with AudioThing’s SR-88. It delivers warm thumpy kicks and punchy analog snares, a pair of noisy hi-hats, and with one of the quirkiest-sounding cymbals out there. Keep the drums clean or apply the included compression and overdrive effects to add more punch and grit.

Pair the SR-88 drum machine with the recently released Surrealistic MG-1 Plus freeware synthesizer by Cherry Audio freeware, and you’ll feel like the year is 1981 all over again.

SR-88 by AudioThing

A closer look at the SR-88 drum machine by AudioThing.

That said, I think that SR-88’s coolest feature is the 32-step sequencer. Use it to build retro drum loops on the fly and save presets for later use. The sequences can be exported to the DAW via drag and drop. Most importantly, you can randomize any drum channel for instant inspiration.

Visit the SR-88 product page on AudioThing’s website to hear the drum machine in action. There are multiple sound demos and videos for you to check out.

AudioThing provided fifteen drum patterns and fifteen drum kits to help new users get started with the SR-88. The software is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac (64-bit only).

AudioThing Black Friday Sale

AudioThing is running a site-wide sale this Black Friday season. Get up to 50% OFF when purchasing individual plugins and plugin bundles.

If you’re a fan of unusual delay effects, be sure to check out the recently released Wires plugin (developed in cooperation with Hainbach).

AudioThing SR-88 – Free Download

To sign up for your free AudioThing SR-88 license, click the teal “Sign up for the freebie” button below and complete the checkout process. The license will be activated in your AudioThing account on November 29th.

UPDATE: The offer has expired. If you signed up for the freebie, the license will be in your AudioThing user account on November 29th. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for an AudioThing user account with the same email address you used to sign up for the freebie.

IMPORTANT #1: You will need to sign up for an AudioThing user account using the same email address. If you already own an AudioThing user account, please use the same email when signing up for the freebie (that way, it will be added to your existing user account).

IMPORTANT #2: Please double-check your email for typos when signing up. We noticed hundreds (literally) of errors when we gave away T-RackS 5 EQual last week. If you sign up with the wrong email address, we won’t be able to provide your license.

You can sign up for the freebie until Saturday, November 28th (6 pm CET).

Your free SR-88 license will be registered to your AudioThing user account on Sunday, November 29th.

The license can be used to activate the plugin on up to three computers—no internet connection required to activate.

Thanks for reading BPB! 

More info: AudioThing SR-88 (€29 value, FREE @ Bedroom Producers Blog until November 29th)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Well, I don’t like the e-mail newsletter subscription, cuz I’ve subscribed to the feed, which is much faster than the weekly newsletter to grab the flash deals.
    So yeah I’ll unsubscribe it later, but it doesn’t mean i don’t support you guys. Thanks for the freebie bpb !!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Yeah, sorry about the newsletter requirement. I’m still looking for the perfect download system and the one I’m currently using doesn’t allow me to make the subscription optional. Still, you’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time!

  2. Bedroomproducersblog – the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Tomislav and Crew, as well as of course AudioThing!

  3. Wow!! Thanks so much for this. I have been meaning to get this for a while. I used to own an SR88 clone – the Kay Memory Rhythm – so it brings back many good memories!

  4. I can’t belive . 2 plugins in 2 weeks thats ssooooooo good i am soooo happy i read bpb from the past 8 months ^_^

  5. Richard Bergman


    Hi Tomislav.
    Thanks for the freebie, and for the great website.
    Babelson Audio is also giving away the Rojbash plugin for free during this black friday, and they also have a freebie called Belle Filter:
    Ben Aylon One Man Tribe is also giving away 4 different sample packs for free during black friday although I can’t seem to place the order since it fails and says “There was an error processing your customer info. Please try again, or contact us if you continue to have problems.”. I’ve tried with another internet browser with the same outcome. Anyway maybe it’ll work for any of you guys in the BPB community:
    Best regards
    Richard Bergman

    • Babelson plugins require iLok.
      Had no problems to download the One Man Tribe packs. Check if you are filling in the order correctly. Cheers!

      • Richard Bergman


        Hi ND.
        Nice that you got it to work, and in case that you’ve checked out the packs are the One Man Tribe packs worth the hassle in your opinion?
        I’ve tried several things e.g. another browser,incognito tabs etc., and now it just says: ” Hi There! If you see this message, we are experiencing difficulties in completing your order. We are working on fixing it ASAP. Please fill in the form and we will contact you soon with all the info and download links”
        I’ve also wrote to Ben Aylon, and received this response which unfortunately indicates that some people, myself included, are for some strange reason are experiencing this problem:
        “Hi Richard!
        Thanks for your email and sorry for the inconvenience.
        This is a bug in the web builder system that happens occasionally to about 0.1% of purchases and currently being fixed.
        Please try purchasing again through an incognito/private window and another browser, and also try a different email address and even change your country in the shipping address. All this should solve it.
        If it continues please let us know and we will find a creative solution. We are working as fast as possible to solve this
        Thanks again!”

      • Richard Bergman


        By the way I’ve just checked, and it says in my Babelson Audio account (under the order details) that I don’t need an iLok or an activation code for the two free plugins since the Rojbash is a gift, and the Belle Filter is a freebie, and I can confirm that I’m able to use both of them without any activation or iLok requirements whatsoever, so you should be able to use the plugins with no problems:)

  6. It’s a very nice thing that right after I finished placing my order, I received confirmation email. It came literally ten seconds after. Thanks for sharing yet another great plugin.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s good to hear! I will send another email to everyone once the licenses are ready. Just be sure to register an AudioThing user account using the same email address.

  7. Colin M Mansfield


    I appreciate your efforts to make home producing easier for all. But, am I missing something? I don’t see a teal “get it now” button using either Safari or Chrome on my Mac.

    If I just missed it, sorry for the interruption, but if it’s simply not displaying, perhaps you could email me a link to get me in line…


    – Colin

  8. Sound better is giving Spitifire Audio BBC SO, Arturia Analog Lab Lite, iZotope Ozone Elements, 3 months free in Soundtrap, 50% off in Audiomovers, 100 days free Arcade and 10% off in Harman. you have to login with Facebook or Spotify account, go to my account, then member benefits and get the codes.

  9. great idea, thanks a lot ! SR88 is one of my iconic, used to play with it in the 80’s.
    I managed to build a kit from various samples sources for Studio One sampler and shortcircuit… but the audiothing full integrated plugin is warmly apreciated !

  10. I got the email saying the sr88 license has been activated to my account but it’s not on there. I already had an existing audiothing account. What do I need to do to get it activated?

  11. Did anyone else have trouble with online authorization using email and password ? I tired twice and there was an error 701 message.

      • Michal Ochedowski


        I contacted AudioThing support today. It was actually a second time ever I had to do that. Previously it was about a different plugin, in 2019 I think. They are really quick to respond, very impressive! With other developers you usually need to wait until the next day.
        Anyway it’s possible that complexity of my password was the reason why my authorization didn’t go through. Used offline license instead. All is well.

  12. I signed up for te SR-88 but never has got an answer nor appear in my Audiothing account. They said me that I ask you for it. Could you help me with that?. Thanks in advance.

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