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Plugin Boutique offers its customers a free copy of Royal Compressor, Fundamental Bass, MTurboCompLE, or Compression Fundamentals with every purchase until January 3rd, 2021.

The December Gift offer from Plugin Boutique is only valid for purchases that include at least one paid product (not available if the total cart value is zero). The user can claim one free gift per order, and each gift can be claimed only once per user.

Let’s take a closer look at this month’s four available freebies at Plugin Boutique.

Royal Compressor (United Plugins)

Royal Compressor (€129) is an analog-like compressor developed by United Plugins. It emulates the EMI RS124 hardware compressor, a vari-mu compressor that was famously used in Abbey Road studios when recording the Beatles.

Royal Compressor is available for free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique.

Royal Compressor is available for free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique.

The plugin delivers a mix of gentle compression and analog-style saturation that easily adds character to recorded drums, vocals, and full mixes. United Plugins emulated three different EMI RS124 models, each delivering a slightly different saturation flavor and compression character.

It’s also worth noting the auto-gain feature, which is handy to speed up the mixing workflow when using Royal Compressor. Likewise, use the dry/wet knob for quick and easy parallel compression.

Fundamental Bass (W.A. Production)

Fundamental Bass ($39.90) is a streamlined multi-band compressor plugin by W.A Production. It’s designed to tighten up the bass frequencies while preserving the punch and snap at the higher end of the spectrum.

The plugin separates the incoming audio signal into two separate frequency bands (low and high). The user can compress each part of the signal separately while optionally applying tube-style saturation, clipping, and tonal balance adjustments.

Use the Fundamental Bass plugin by W.A. Production to improve the balance of a bass-heavy track or add weight to a signal that lacks low-end frequency content.

MTurboCompLE (MeldaProduction)

MTurboCompLE is MeldaProduction’s ultimate compressor plugin. It emulates a wide range of vintage analog compressors, combining the classic compressor features with MeldaProduction’s modern UI design.

Use the quick menu on the left to choose a compressor model, then fine-tune the compression using a streamlined control set. Quickly add the right amount of compression and saturation, adjust the compression ratio, and utilize the dry/wet knob for easy parallel compression.

MTurboCompLE delivers vintage compressor flavors, packed in a modern GUI.

MTurboCompLE delivers vintage compressor flavors packed in a modern GUI.

MTurboCompLE also features a side-chain input with built-in filters to help remove the unwanted frequency content.

Compression Fundamentals (Producertech)

Compression Fundamentals (€23.09) is a compression video course by Producertech. Learn the basic and advanced compression skills in a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials.

You can also check out the free sample course by visiting the product page on Plugin Boutique.

On a related note, LoopCloud extended the free Bass Master plugin offer until December 7th. Sign up for $3 and get three months of access to Loopcloud and a virtual bass instrument by Loopmasters for free.

More info: Plugin Boutique (partner link – get a FREE compressor plugin with any purchase until January 3rd, 2021)

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  1. mturbocompLE is actually great. You can use every compressor on the list even if it’s the “LE” version. So many options to choose from.

    You just can’t use “auto gain, etc.”. But as a free comp, it’s a must-have in your arsenal.

  2. The value of fundamental bass and the tutorial are just too hard to compare to the other two.The priority is so obvious.

    • With Royal Compressor you get a redeem code. Thereafter you, or someone I guess, create an account at United Plugins and enter the code to redeem a license key for the plugin. View installation instructions at Plugin Boutique.

  3. * Royal Compressor uses 10-11% of my CPU. License transfer not allowed.
    * MTurboCompLE uses 5-7% CPU. License transfer costs EUR20. The Melda installer package installs VC++ 2013 runtimes in Windows without asking permission (20+17MB).
    * For comparison, TDR Molotok uses 20% CPU, Klanghelm MJUCjr 20%, TDR Kotelnikov 27%, RoughRider 4-5% CPU.

    • You cannot transfer the license between accounts/persons at, so the license is permanently tied to your account there. You can reinstall the plugin on your PC (and your future PCs).

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