Pay $3 And Get 3 Months Of Loopcloud + Bass Master For FREE


Loopcloud launched the Black Friday Offer with a $3 deal on a three-month subscription and a FREE copy of the Bass Master ($89) virtual instrument by Loopmasters.

The offer launched on November 18th, and you can sign up until December 2nd, 2020. It is valid for all new Loopcloud subscribers.

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Sign up now to get three months of Loopcloud for only $3 (normally starts at €6.99 per month). Users who sign up will also receive a free copy of the Bass Master virtual bass instrument, which typically costs $89 (currently on a 50% OFF sale at Plugin Boutique).

What Is Loopcloud?

Loopcloud gives you access to over 4 million royalty-free samples and audio loops. Thanks to the Loopcloud plugin, you can preview the sounds in the comfort of your digital audio workstation.

There’s no need to download and browse sample packs or sound libraries. Preview the loops in the context of your musical composition, matched to the tempo and key of your current project. You can check that a particular loop or sound works for your project before using the Loopcloud points to download it.

Loopcloud also comes with the unique Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY plugin suite. These two cloud-connected virtual instruments include exclusive Artist sample content, and a huge collection of drum and instrument sounds for a wide range of music genres.

Of course, the Loopcloud sound pool is based on the massive collection of sounds available at Loopmasters. Browse through millions of high-quality loops and one-shot samples provided by leading sound designers and top artists. Find the highest quality sounds for any music genre, from techno and electronica to trap, hip-hop, or dub.

What Is Bass Master?

In addition to the three-month Loopcloud subscription, all new subscribers will receive the Bass Master virtual instrument for free.

Bass Master is a versatile virtual insturment for bass sounds.

Bass Master is a versatile virtual instrument for bass sounds.

Bass Master is a versatile sample-based bass instrument. It combines 217 sampled bass waveforms across two layers, with almost 50,000 possible combinations. The raw sounds can be fine-tuned with an array of sound design tools, including filters and modulation.

More importantly, Bass Master comes with over  350 mix-ready presets that can be used in your next production. Thanks to the plugin’s intuitive user interface, even novice music producers can fine-tune the included sounds to better fit their project.

Loopcloud Black Friday Offer

Get the Loopcloud deal, which includes a three-month subscription for $3 and the Bass Master virtual instrument as a free bonus. The offer ends on December 2nd, 2020.

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More info: Loopcloud Black Friday Offer ($3 for a three-month subscription and FREE Bass Master plugin worth $89)

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  1. Carlos Iglesias


    I hear the word subscription and I start running. I know it’s 3 euros for three months and they give you the Bass Master, but I don’t like them at all.

  2. $3 for 3months,but free for first month($1.5 per months for next 2 months then)and you can cancel any time,so technically you can get bass master for free.

    • Users who already had an account, get bass master for free. They sent out emails Nov 17th, for anyone interested in the free plugin, but are already signed up on loopcloud.

      3$ for 3 months is a good deal tho. I’d use it if I could, but I just bought a years worth for half off so I don’t think I can use it at all.

  3. I get it that one, as a subscr9ber, can browse and play content from loopcloud. But can I also freely download content or do they charge extra for the stuff one download ?

    • Free subscribers get 1 free download a day from the free sample sections of packs that have that, it’s basically demo selection. Except you then own a license to use that sample, not all demo packs on the interwebz allow that. They also get loopcloud that will automatically search your existing samples and tag them for you to search through the Loopcloud application.
      I imagine the deal gets you 3 months of the artist subscription, which gets you 100 points per month. But seeing how it’s set for 3 months you probably get 300 points all at the same time, with 10 free samples a day. The other samples are paid in points, 1 point for like 1 shots, and 2 points for full loops is how it generally goes. If you “own” the sample you’re free to download it and use it however, and you don’t lose the license if you stop using looplcloud or whatever. Mine “usually” just download automatically, idk if that’s default. Users with subscriptions can buy more points if needed.
      You can find all the Loopcloud samples you own in the library section in the app. All the LC samples are royalty free. Oh and try to spend your points before subscription is over, you won’t lose them, but you can only spend them if you have a subscription(new rule that added recently). Also I’m not like an employee or anything just to let you know. Hope that helps tho.

    • I also wanted to subscribe! Tell me, you signed up for a trial and didn’t receive a coupon code? And some kind of payment has been made?

      • I took a chance and registered 30 minutes before the end of the promotion. I immediately received a coupon code and money was not debited from me! They are really professionals!

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