Spitfire Audio Releases FREE Guitar Harmonics For LABS


Spitfire Audio released Guitar Harmonics, a freely downloadable sound library add-on for the LABS virtual instrument.

Guitar Harmonics for LABS contains a set of plucks and looped pads sampled from the Epiphone EJ200 electric guitar. All sounds were performed and recorded by Leo Wyatt, who is a sound designer at Spitfire Audio.

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As the name implies, all sampled sounds are based on guitar harmonics. Some of the included samples are completely clean, and these are useful if you want to add plucked guitar harmonics to a track.

Spitfire Audio also provided a collection of presets that have been creatively processed, looped, and warped to create unusual sound textures. These include looped pads (that use guitar harmonics as the sound sources) and warped samples that sound glitched out but still quite organic.

The great thing about LABS (apart from its price tag) is the minimalist workflow.

There are no performance controls, no keyswitches, no hidden menus, nor any other technicalities to worry about. Spitfire Audio keeps delivering instantly playable LABS add-ons that simply sound musical. Guitar Harmonics is another step in that direction.

Guitar Harmonics for LABS is more than worth the download if you compose film music or electronic music that requires a bit of organic feel.

Actually, if you’ve already installed LABS on your computer, there’s really no reason not to download all of the available expansion packs. They are all free to download, and the add-on installation process is unusually straightforward.

Kudos to Spitfire Audio for developing a freeware instrument that doesn’t make the user feel like they’re operating a limited version of something bigger and better.

To download your free copy of Guitar Harmonics for LABS, visit the product page linked below and click the FREE DOWNLOAD button. Log in to your Spitfire Audio user account (or register a new one) and let the auto-installer handle the rest.

More info: Guitar Harmonics (requires the LABS plugin)

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