Sonokinetic Releases FREE Carousel Library For Kontakt Player


Sonokinetic releases Carousel, a freely downloadable (for a limited time only) fairground organ sample library for Kontakt Player by Native Instruments.

Carousel is a reboot of Sonokinetic’s old fairground organ sample library, which was released ten years ago. The newly released version of Carousel features fully remastered samples and a brand new user interface for Kontakt Player.

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Sonokinetic re-edited the old Carousel samples by fixing some minor tuning issues and removing the background noise. That said, more significant improvements were made on the GUI front. The new Carousel interface offers several useful features, including the “Triple Trouble” button, which layers three notes for a thicker sound.

The UI now also features volume controls for each register and the ability to use the original tuning for a more authentic sound. The percussion samples use round-robin variations to ensure a more natural-sounding performance.

Carousel is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin by Native Instruments. You don’t need the full version of Kontakt to use this virtual instrument.

Here’s how the team at Sonokinetic describes the Carousel sample library:

10 years ago, we took a trip to the funfair and recorded a passion project, the original fairground Carousel. This heritage instrument reminds us of childhood fun, candy floss, and steam engines, so we wanted to retain all of that joy and excitement within the virtual realm.

Visit the product page linked below to check out Sonokinetic’s official Carousel video walkthrough and audio demos.

To obtain your free copy of Carousel, visit the product page on Sonokinetic’s website, add the product to your shopping cart, and complete the free checkout process. Once completed, a serial number will be added to your Sonokinetic user account.

Use this serial key to activate the Carousel library in Native Access (the Native Instruments’ license manager app). You will also need to download the Sonokinetic Manager app to download and install Sonokinetic Carousel on your computer.

Carousel is available as a free download for a limited time only, although there’s no official end date for this promotion. It is released as part of Sonokinetic’s recently launched “12 Days of Christmas Sale.”

More info: Sonokinetic Carousel (compatible with Kontakt Player)\

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  1. Hey Tomislav, i found a freebie that i think is so good I considered keeping it a secret (only seen it posted once on twitter by someone). Its an open source project by enummusic on github called AllPassPhase. It doesnt have a GUI so when used in my daw (ableton) its just looks like an airwindows plugin and adopts the daws stock plugin wrapper. Regardless of its looks, its the sounds it can make that are what im most excited about. Im sure you are wondering what exactly it does… well – its basically a free version of kHs disperser, and it is insanely fun to use. It does awesome things to basically everything you throw it on, esp stuff with transients – kind of adds this weird wet lazer-esque sound to stuff depending on the settings. Works on basically everything – basses, drums, leads, ext ext. Tbh its probably the most unique, fun and useful freebie i have come across this year – esp if you are into experimental sound design.

  2. Really long and labourious checkout process for a freebie. Set up an account with too much personal info.
    Then you’ve got to download their product manager (who needs another one of those!) to get the sounds then onto NI activation product manager
    Seriously dont waste your time

  3. Process is pretty standard especially for this type of thing. Sonokinetic non-phrase stuff is under appreciated. And a carousel organ? Sounds great.

  4. Nice :-) I wonder if Native Instruments also will offer a free plugin gift this x-mas as they usually have done of the last decade ?

  5. Michal Ochedowski


    I agree with comment above, that it was indeed a long process. However these days one should expect filling out some forms in order to get something for free. I’ve gotten used to it. I kept putting Kontakt Player contents aside, but starting with incredible value Hammersmith Piano offer I changed my attitude towards NI.

  6. I guess they got tired of all the fake account info lol, I wasn’t able to download the freebie until you verify the email address, which of course I put a fake one in because I already have 300+ online accounts waiting to be hacked.

    • … and of course there’s a Product Manager to install and sign into with your fake email lol. Sorry but I gotta look this gift horse in the mouth, they could at least try to hide the fact that this freebie is bate to get your info in their system lol.

      Nothing is free I guess but still.

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