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Plugin Alliance Ampeg SVT-VR Classic Is FREE Until February 19th


Plugin Alliance has released Ampeg SVT-VR Classic ($99 value), an emulation of the all-tube Ampeg SVT-VR bass amp. The plugin is available as a free download until February 19th, 2020.

Ampeg SVT-VR Classic emulates the Ampeg SVT-VR bass giant amplifier. Unlike the full version of the Ampeg SVT-VR plugin, the newly released “Classic” version only provides the core feature set. It delivers the same sound quality while offering a more streamlined workflow at a lower cost.

The new plugin is limited to the second Ampeg SVT-VR channel (Ch 2). The user can adjust the volume, treble, and bass parameters, or engage the ultra-hi (high-frequency boost) and ultra-lo (low-frequency boost) modes.

The plugin also features a virtual FX Rack with an input gain control, filters, a noise gate, Power Soak (for added saturation), and a horn bypass switch for the cabinet simulation. Brainworx provided three advanced boutique recording chains to help the users fit the bass sound into the mix.

So, how can you download the Ampeg SVT-VR Classic plugin by Plugin Alliance for free?

Visit the product page linked below and add the Ampeg SVT-VR Classic plugin to your shopping cart. Proceed to check out and apply the AMPEG-FOR-FREE coupon code. This will reduce the price to zero and enable free checkout.

Below is a screenshot showing the shopping cart with the promo code applied.

Appply the promo code AMPEG-FOR-FREE to get the plugin for free.

Apply the promo code AMPEG-FOR-FREE to get the plugin for free.

You will need to sign up for a Plugin Alliance user account to download and activate your software. A valid email address is required for registration purposes.

Plugin Alliance announced the freebie offer yesterday. Here’s a quote from the announcement email:

“It is my absolute pleasure to announce that you ALL will receive a voucher code email tomorrow which will give you a brand new commercial plugin – completely for FREE & FOREVER – if you use the code within 30 days!”

And here’s the official announcement for the Ampeg SVT-VR Classic free download offer:

“Free until February 19th with the voucher code AMPEG-FOR-FREE. Use this code during checkout to get your full license for free and keep this plugin forever. Code is valid until February 19th.”

Ampeg SVT-VR Classic is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

More info: Ampeg SVT-VR Classic (use coupon code AMPEG-FOR-FREE at checkout to get the free download)

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  1. I did a little googling, and it appears that this amp is well suited for bass synths as well. Can’t wait to run my ms20 and model d into it tomorrow on stream :)

  2. Thanks for the precious info Tomislav.

    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and it has been like stumbling on a gold mine. A thousand thanks for your time and dedication, and hurray to all the talented developers and musicians giving us so much. My humble studio is now loaded with free or almost quality software that I could only have dreamt of when I started making music (long ago, obviously). This is such fun!

  3. Just did some short Testing with this one; yet this also works pretty fine on Synths & Keys etc. – so we have another Igor Nembrini here, I believe. (:

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