Symplesound’s Tonepaper – Ambient Album, Ringtones, Presets…


Symplesound published Tonepaper, an ambient album that’s available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms.

Tonepaper is an ambient album by Symplesound. That’s cool in itself, but the story doesn’t end there. The Tonepaper project also includes a Serum preset pack ($29), Tonepaper Channels for Ableton ($49.99), and, wait for it… a free set of ringtones and notification sounds for your phone!

How cool is that?

I don’t recall any synth-themed phone ringtone packs, apart from a very old (yet endlessly cool) set of Minimoog Voyager ringtones released by none other than Moog. Those analog ringtones are sadly gone from their website, but Moog’s announcement tweet is still online.

Anyway, back on topic. Let’s start with the freebie.

The free Tonepaper ringtones and notifications are available for both Android (MP3) and iPhone (M4R) devices. You’ll get 20 notification sounds and 30 ringtones, all of which are inspired by the Tonepaper album. Expect to hear lush synth tones, plucky bells with healthy amounts of reverb, and other futuristic sounds that will freshen up your overall phone experience.

Moving on to the presets.

Serum users should check out the Serum Preset Pack, which contains an array of pads, plucks, bells, and other presets used on the Tonepaper album. The Serum Preset Pack costs $29, and it’s available for purchase via Xfer Records.

Ableton Live users are in for a treat with Tonepaper Channels for Ableton. This $49.99 Ableton Live set contains all of the original Instrument Racks used to create the Tonepaper 1 album. Use them as inspiration for your projects or as the starting point for creating new and exciting sounds.

A great way to improve your sound design skills is to “peek behind the curtain” and see how the professionals craft their presets. Symplesound founder Francis Preve is one of the world’s leading sound design artist and the brain behind numerous factory presets for synthesizers by Roland, Korg, and others.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the Tonepaper 1 album, available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music.

Each track is exactly 10 minutes long. The obvious benefit here is that you can use the tracks as musical timers for your activities. Create custom playlists for activities like studying, writing, reading, or yoga. It’s a simple way to help improve your focus without worrying about timer apps or alarms.

More info: Symplesound Tonepaper

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