Orchestral Tools Offers FREE SINEfactory Libraries For SINE Player


Orchestral Tools offers SINE player and three SINEfactory orchestral sound libraries for free download.

This offer comes as an introduction to SINEfactory, a free instrument subscription service. We know the word subscription usually comes with a fee; rest assured, this one is on the house. Furthermore, the promise of more free instruments lies ahead.

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The three libraries are Ratio, Gearbox, and Helix. Together, these three libraries are a solid foundation for any budding media composer.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

SINEfactory Ratio

Ratio is a grand piano library that should impress even the harshest critics. The sound comes from a Steinway B grand piano, once played by Prince, no less.

The library has a very dreamy quality, which means it’s not the piano you’d use on everything. However, that ambient nature is stunning for cinematic scores, emotional pop songs, or even the right EDM track. It’s in the same bracket as Cinematic Soft Piano from Spitfire Audio, although Ratio is brighter.

Here's a closer look at the free SINE Player plugin.

Here’s a closer look at the free SINE Player plugin.

A typical letdown of piano libraries is a disappointing low-end; they just don’t always translate the heavier hammers’ weight convincingly. While Ratio doesn’t offer booming bass notes, it does provide more than enough weight in context with the overall sound. Very impressive, indeed.

SINEfactory Gearbox

Gearbox is a collection of percussion sounds with various drums, congas, claps, and more. It’s not as vast as some of the most popular orchestral percussion libraries, but it’s free, and they aren’t.

The important thing about Gearbox is that I can comfortably say what it does; it does well. Gearbox is the unsung hero of these libraries; it doesn’t steal the show but does a lot of the heavy lifting.

SINEfactory Helix

Helix is a string ensemble taken from Orchestral Tools flagship Berlin Series. With free string libraries, a lack of instruments is rarely a complaint; it tends to be a lack of articulations.

The library delivers beautiful sustains and spiccatos, or in the most basic terms, longs and shorts. More experienced media composers might find that limiting, but it’s more than enough to create rhythm, harmony, tension, or any other quality your project needs. More importantly, it sounds more realistic than many expensive libraries.

SINEfactory – Free Download

All libraries require the latest version of SINE player (free); they won’t work with Kontakt 6 or any other player. Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 upwards are supported with a suggested minimum of 4GB RAM (16+ GB recommended).

SINEfactory is a genuinely valuable asset for any aspiring media composer. Get it for free via Orchestral Tools.

Download: Orchestral Tools SINEfactory (free sounds for SINE Player)

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  1. Sine Player has major issues with running on certain system setups. I had a problem with it. Support from OrchestralTools is very good and they want to help but for me it was too far change in system.

      • Ferenc Mosolyhozó Molnár



        It also doesn’t work on my system. I think it is not optimized for older systems with low resources. But as I read the comments since levels came out it doesn’t optimized maybe certain newer systems with higher resources too.
        I have Windows 10 Home and Reaper (Both 64 bit and up-to-date). But I have only 6 GB RAM and a 12 years old Intel core 2 CPU.
        But on this poor system Vienna Synchron Player and Synchron Pianos, Kontakt, Sforzando, UVI Workstation, MSoundFactory and nearly everything are working properly I’ve tried last years. Even big libraries with tons of gigabytes or the resource eater plugins from Waves. As I’m blind I need to use also a screen reader. But my system can handle it together with the plugins above.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Here’s hoping that Orchestral Tools will optimize their software to support older systems. The libraries sound very good and they are some of the best available for the price.

          • Ferenc Mosolyhozó Molnár


            They don’t optimize the player for many users’ systems, it’s their decision, not my fight. I gave a try when Sine first came out. I was hopeful every time when a new update was out, but nothing changed so now I give up and don’t want to waste my time anymore.

        • No resume button when it comes to downloading a library, you need to redownload by closing the app…

          OT need to fix this downloading issue

    • They also have problems on new hardware. I have a 1 year old AMD Ryzen 7 3700x cpu with 32gb of 3200 speed ram and experience crashing approximately half the time its opened. Latest build of windows 10, using Reaper. If I can get it open, it is rock solid. Opening it is the trouble though.

  2. One of my new favorite orchestral libraries! I haven’t ran into any problems other people here described, SINE works just fine in Mixcraft but is a learning curve to use effectively for first timers like myself I’ll admit. Look forward to OT releasing more free sounds in the future!!

    Also quick note, check out the latest stuff Samplescience has put out! Some only $1: https://www.samplescience.info/2021/02/1960s-drums.html & https://www.samplescience.info/2021/02/1940s-swing-jazz-drums.html good deals for anyone. :)

  3. Awesome news, but the name made me chuckle. First, there was Spitfire LABS. Then, there was SINEFactory. What’s next, 8dioWarehouse? :D

  4. Just a sidenote if you, like me, can’t figure out how to download these: in the SINEPlayer (VST or standalone) you click on your name (right upper corner) and find the “SINEFactory” option. If this says “your are not subscribed to SINEfactory” (or similar you need to edit that. It takes litterally no time. When done the instruments will appear in the “My licenses” section.

  5. Arthur Chernyavsky


    Yes, they are really great sounding libs! Considering the are played in a Sine player, not in 15 min limited KONTAKT, and having the whole range of strings with spiccatos and sustains (two main articulations), it’s a great bonus for every bedroom composer! Thank you!

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