WAVS.com Is A New Marketplace For Buying & Selling Samples


WAVS.com is a new audio marketplace that allows music producers and sound designers to purchase new sounds and sell their own sound libraries.

While more and more online businesses are moving to a subscription-based model, WAVS launches a marketplace for selling and buying samples that tends to be straightforward and subscription-free.

Selling Sounds

If you’ve ever tried selling audio samples or loops, you’re certainly aware of the complications that come with this type of work. Multiple factors need to be sorted first, such as file hosting, payment processing, licensing, customer service, and marketing.

The recently launched WAVS.com website promises to simplify things by offering an all-in-one marketplace solution for aspiring sound designers and music producers. Users can sign up and share their sounds in a matter of minutes while the platform handles the monetization and licensing.

The sellers can set a custom price for their sample packs, and the payouts are available once your balance exceeds $10 in total. Another interesting feature is the ability to split the earnings with another artist – so you can team up with a friend and collaborate on a sound library.

As for licensing, you can offer your sounds royalty-free or choose the non-royalty-free license to retain credit and royalties over your work. Read more about the available options in the FAQ section on the WAVS.com website.

So, if you enjoy designing sounds but managing the business side of things isn’t your idea of fun, a platform like WAVS.com is a good place to start. You can upload some sounds and start selling right away without setting up a website and dealing with complicated shopping cart setups (not my idea of fun, either).

Buying Sounds

Buying sounds on WAVS.com is even more straightforward than selling. Sign up for a user account, purchase some credits and start exploring the available sounds.

You can purchase individual sounds or entire sound packs, all of which are available for preview right in the browser. The website offers daily collections curated by their staff, so it’s easy to find inspiration for new projects.

As for the website, I love the minimal design and the speed. It’s fun to explore, and the alternative dark color scheme is a godsend for those late-night browsing sessions.

More info: WAVS.com

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