Reverb Offers FREE Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1 Sound Library


Reverb offers the Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1 (€1.75) drum sample library as a free download for a limited time.

You can never have enough acoustic drum samples. Whether you’re using them as a substitute for a bad drum recording, as a layering tool for adding punch to boring drums, or as source material for creative sound design, it can’t hurt to have some quality acoustic drum sounds in your arsenal.

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Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1 by Reverb is a collection of vintage drum kit samples in WAV format. The library contains both one-shot samples and groove recordings, so you can either start from scratch or use existing loops.

Inside the pack, you’ll find samples of three different Ludwig kits (Ludwig Club Date, Ludwig Mod Orange, and Ludwig Red Vistalites). The sampled drums can cover a range of genres, from Rock and Blues to Indie and Pop. Of course, you can pass these samples through your favorite saturation plugins and compressors for added grit and a more aggressive tone.

The recording quality is on point, although it seems that the included one-shots were sliced and extracted from the grooves (as opposed to being recorded individually as one-shot drum hits). So, you’ll find a few messy drum samples here and there, but the reality is that such “imperfect” drums can sound excellent in a hip-hop drum kit.

The download contains three folders – one for single drum hits, one for riffs, and one for drum loops. The riffs are further split into three categories: close microphone, close+room microphone, and room microphone.

Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1 typically costs €1.75, but you can download it for free right now. Visit the product page linked below and sign in to your Reverb user account (registration is free) to reveal the download link.

For more free drums, check out the Reverb Drum Machines and the Studio Sampled Sounds, both of which are completely free to download via Reverb.

Download: Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1 (442 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 150 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format)

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