iZotope Nectar Elements Is FREE Until May 6th


Japanese VST plugin marketplace miroc.co.jp is offering iZotope’s popular Nectar Elements for free for Golden Week.

Starting from today, the 29th, iZotope’s Nectar Elements vocal processing suite will be available for the competitive price of nothing at all until May 6th.

iZotope needs no introduction, but Nectar might be the most often overlooked part of their classic trifecta which also includes Ozone and Neutron.

But that ends today.

If you’re not super familiar with vocal chains, Nectar might just be the best place to start.

This is the updated version of iZotope’s plugins, which, if you haven’t used, means a streamlined workflow and the most interesting addition, their AI Assistant, this time called the “Vocal Assistant.”

Essentially, the first step is to fire up iZotope Nectar in your digital audio workstation; the plugin then analyzes your audio and offers suggestions. You can apply these suggested settings to your mix and fine-tune them to your liking.

In the Elements version, you can only tweak macros based on its suggestions. That can be seen as a bit of a downside, but if you’re just starting out or need a quick mix – it’s perfect.

Here’s what you can tweak:

  • Pitch – Classic pitch correction; the slider controls the amount applied to your vocals.
  • Clarity – Controls the gain of the EQ cuts applied by the Vocal Assistant.
  • De-ess – Want less “ess” in your vocals? This will do that. De-essing is the control of sibilance (or the ‘s’ sounds) that would usually be done with proper mic technique and a pop filter, but stuff occasionally slips through. According to iZotope, this uses a brand new, intelligent algorithm.
  • Dynamics – Dynamics is where vocals are made or broken. This slider controls the amount of compression applied.
  • Tone – You have three choices here – vintage, modern, and dialogue. Dialogue boosts the vocal fundamentals and the high end to emphasize the nuances of spoken-word audio. Vintage is a bit darker and with better low midrange, whereas modern is crisper and adds a sparkly high end.
  • Space – Adds a subtle reverb to the vocal, positioning it better in the mix and promising to work well with your track’s other reverbs.

iZotope’s “Elements” line of plugins are fantastic entry points for comparatively advanced and nebulous topics like mixing, mastering, and in this case, vocal processing. They’re also a good way to try iZotope’s AI-based software before deciding on whether or not to upgrade to a Pro version.

If you don’t have Nectar Elements, just visit the link below, enter your email address, and you’ll be mailed a serial number shortly. Only one license is available per person.

The page is in Japanese, but it’s quite easy to get the download. First, scroll all the way down the page and click the “Nectar Elements” button.

First, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Nectar Elements" button.

First, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Nectar Elements” button.

After that, fill out your name and email address, then click the “Send” button.

Next, enter your name and email address.

Enter your name and email address, click Send, then check your email inbox.

You can use the “Translate to English” option in Chrome to instantly translate the text.

More info: Nectar Elements (FREE through this link before May 6th)

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  1. Some more helpful info. I use Mac, so i’m not sure about windows, but the process will be similar & hope this info helps anyway 😉
    When you have the Nectar serial number, go to iZotope’s website & create an account with them: izotope . com.
    Then download & install their “Product Portal”.
    After the Product Portal is installed, just log into the Product Portal using your iZotope account details.
    At the top of the Product Portal (where you see the iZotope logo), to the left in the same “black header” is a bar code symbol with a + symbol – this is where you paste your iZotope Nectar serial number (also, to the right of that is the gear cog symbol, where you sign out afterwards).
    Next, just follow the prompts to download & install Nectar.
    Also, you have to authorise Nectar either to your computer or iLok.
    (i always choose computer, because you can install Nectar on your other computers too without iLok).
    Nectar will be installed as a plug-in, but the iZotope installer will be inside your downloads folder (or your chosen download location). This .dmg (disk image) can be used to install a different way onto your other computer by opening it & providing your details.

    Respects BPB

    • Just to mention as well, to uninstall this plug-in from Mac, the uninstaller is located in:
      HD/Library/Application Support/iZotope/Nectar 3 Elements
      Double click to proceed with uninstallation.
      I’m not sure about Windows though, iZotope support would help.

  2. thanks for this! opted not to get it when it was being offered a while back but been using izotope products lately so giving this a go

  3. So this is cool and all but did anyone else get a couple of spammy p*** emails in Japanese after signing up? Seems sketchy.

  4. LOL! I did this yesterday… Boy was it fun trying to figure it all out in Japanese… But after several attempts, I did actually get an email from them with what seemed like a serial number, so I went to Izotope’s site and downloaded the Product Portal, chose Nectar 3, installed it, opened my DAW, loaded the app and surprise1 The Serial Number worked! In among the gobblegook was a number beginning SN ..

  5. Hi, I have a problem downloading Nectar Elements which seems to be very interesting. Can you help me.

    Thanks. Bill.

    • Hi Bill, please explain in more detail if this doesn’t help, i might be able to help a little more, but please read the comments above your comment on this page as well.
      Did you receive your serial number ok ?
      Did you create an iZotope account, download & install iZotope’s product portal from iZotope’s website? (izotope . com)
      If you did, then you need to open the product portal.
      Make sure that you copy your serial number (to your computers clipboard / memory), then once you have the product portal open, you need to log into the product portal using your iZotope account details.
      Once you are logged in, you will be able to see & click on the bar code symbol at the top of the product portal & paste your serial number in there.
      From there, the portal will take care of your download & installation, just follow the instructions.
      When the product portal has installed Nectar, open your DAW & load Nectar like any other plug-in.
      The plug-in files will be stored in your HD/Library on a Mac & Programme Files on Windows.
      (default locations).
      Once you’ve successfully installed Nectar (& all of the other products which you need, if they’re available to you), log out of the product portal by clicking on the gear cog symbol at the top of the product portal.
      Thats all there is to it, it doesn’t take very long from start to finish & i installed a few other bits from my iZotope account which i needed as well.
      Good luck with it & i hope this helps to get you up & running.

        • Hi Tomislav, thanks so much, your always very welcome.
          I know how passionate you are about music etc as i am too & i really appreciate everything that you & your team do here at BPB.
          I am happy to take the time to help like minded music makers (if i can help).
          Music is so very important to us all who make & listen imo.
          Much respect to you & yours & keep in good physical & mental health 💛😉

  6. Yeah I don’t know about this one. It’s pretty dumbed down to the point of not being very useful. I think the full version is great but this one, you’re better off using individual plugins. The de-esser is really neutered.

    • Hi Josh, just to let you know if your on Mac & If you installed this but you no longer want it anymore, the uninstaller is located in:
      HD/Library/Application Support/iZotope/Nectar 3 Elements
      I am not sure about windows though.

  7. Ashley Butler


    I spent ages looking for the download link after successfully getting the serial number. Then I remembered I already have Izotope Product Portal and then it was easy! Doh!!! Great product – easy to use and very effective.

    • Samuel Pio


      Também não estou conseguindo achar o link para download, por favor, como faço pra acessar o portal do produtor?

      • Olá, isto é copiado do meu comentário em inglês
        Quando você tiver o número de série do Nectar, acesse o site da iZotope e crie uma conta com eles: izotope. com.
        Em seguida, baixe e instale o “Portal do Produto”.
        os links precisam ser autorizados antes de serem publicados e demoram mais tempo. Remova o espaço ao redor do. com para o link funcionar 😉
        support.izotope . com/hc/en-us/articles/360025586834-Welcome-to-iZotope-Product-Portal
        meu link pode não funcionar no seu idioma, então você pode precisar pesquisar o portal do produto no site da iZotope.
        copie o seu número de série para a área de transferência / memória do computador.
        Após a instalação do Portal do produto, basta fazer login no Portal do produto usando os detalhes da sua conta iZotope.
        No topo do Portal do Produto (onde você vê o logotipo da iZotope), à esquerda no mesmo “cabeçalho preto” está um símbolo de código de barras com um símbolo + – é aqui que você cola o número de série do Néctar do iZotope (também, para o direito disso é o símbolo de engrenagem, onde você sai depois).
        Em seguida, basta seguir as instruções para baixar e instalar o Nectar.
        Além disso, você deve autorizar o Nectar para o seu computador ou iLok.
        (eu sempre escolho o computador, porque você pode instalar o Nectar em seus outros computadores também sem o iLok).
        O Nectar será instalado como um plug-in, mas o instalador iZotope estará dentro da sua pasta de downloads (ou do local de download escolhido). Este .dmg (imagem de disco) pode ser usado para instalar de uma maneira diferente em seu outro computador, abrindo-o e fornecendo seus detalhes.
        algumas outras coisas grátis
        izotope . com/en/products/free-audio-plug-ins.html
        boa sorte e música feliz fazendo 😃

        • Eu uso Mac, então não tenho certeza sobre o Windows, mas só para você saber, o desinstalador do Nectar está em: HD / Library / ApplicationSupport / iZotope / Nectar /

    • Hi Alesssandro, if you got a serial number, it should work, otherwise you wouldn’t get one (if the serial numbers have all gone) your serial number will begin with SN….
      I would try again, because you have to make sure to copy only the serial number with no space at either end & paste it into the product portal. Please read the comments above on how to do it ? Good luck

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