FREE Movie Dialogue Sample Pack Released By GrowlerMusic


GowlerMusic has released Movie Dialogue Vol.2, the second installment of their free movie dialogue sample pack.

One thing that kept me sane during childhood and then later the high school was watching super old horror, sci-fi, and kung fu b-movies.

Something about the terrible absurdity and campiness just spelled peak human condition to me.

Anyway, back in 2007 I watched Fred Dekker’s 1986 classic ‘Night of the Creeps’, possibly the greatest movie ever made and a crowning achievement in high art. Something about that movie made me want to extract the audio track and cut up some of the cooler lines and use them as intros for track.

Now, that’s not something new. Artists have been doing that forever – White Zombie sampled ‘Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!’ on ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65’, Kate Bush sampled ‘Night of the Demon’ on ‘Hounds of Love’, and even the Fab 4 sampled a radio production of ‘King Lear’ on ‘I am the Walrus’.

Entire genres like horror punk and psychobilly are built on starting tracks with some obscure 50s/60s movie sample. Also – early Wu-Tang Clan, anyone?

And it’s no wonder, too – there’s something about the buzzy, mid-heavy sound of older movies that’s just immediately inspiring.

Well, now you don’t have to rummage through dozens of hours of terrible old movies (though you should) to find usable stuff.

GowlerMusic are offering a pack of 50 samples – featuring both dialogue and FX from various old movies and shows, completely free to download AND royalty-free – a great way to kickstart a song idea or something to manipulate to add a bit of interest in an already-existing track.

You can both download and preview all the samples on their Bandcamp page. Just click on ‘Buy Digital Album’, write in 0 as the price, click on ‘download to your computer’, and try your best to silence your consciousness at night for the next week. Do keep in mind that this will add you to the company’s mailing list.

GowlerMusic’s website is also worth checking out, as they not only provide a large number of completely free sample packs, but all of their premium stuff only costs something ridiculously low, with most of them as low as £1. That’s literally insane.

More info: Movie Dialogue Vol.2 Sample Pack (available in a wide variety of formats between 4.8 MB and 37.7 MB)

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  1. The only way this is truly royalty free, is if the movies they are sampled from are in public domain, which I doubt many are (if any). Don’t want to be an ass about it, but it’s a bit scetchy to sample from copyrighted work and sell it, even if you can enter 0 $ as the price. There are plenty of misconceptions about sampling, what is legal, how long samples you can use, and I can tell you none of it’s legal. Even a 1 second sample is copyright material, and in theory someone could sue you or have your track taken down from platforms for using it. In reality that’s never going to happen of course, but I just wanted to point this out.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      That’s a valid point. I was wondering about it myself. I will stick to my first thought about not using this sample pack, just to be on the safe side. The only workaround about legal terms would be using a sample and modifying it beyond the point of recognition. I once read about an artist who actually dared people to identify any of his sampled sounds.

    • I’m almost certain these samples, and many other packs on Gowler’s site, are from public domain media.

    • Ummmmm. It say’s on the website pertaining to the free “Movie Samples dialogue’s” sample pack that it is 100% ROYALTY FREE! Did you or did you NOT READ!

      This is a copied, pasted exact statement from their (Gowler’s) wbesite.

      Gowler wbsite: “The samples are sourced from our previous movie dialogue collections including Horror, Action and Sci-Fi. All the samples have been labelled for ease of use and are 100% royalty free.”

      So if anyone has anything to say you point them in the direction of Gowler content providers which is WHERE you assertained the sample material from simple as that smh.

      I also very highly/seriously DOUBT that Gowler content creators would be knowingly selling illegal, owned content on their site which could ruin their hustle, & or “business model” if you will, as well i doubt that thosewith sample protection concerns>>>>>>wouldn’t have ALREADY approached Gowler/ sued them had they been doing/up to something nefarious, pernicious by way of these “Movie Dialogue” samples.

      So you mean to tell me that they WILL pick up on a no name, NOBODY producer randomly posting music, or even selling music albums,records, songs etc from whichever music streaming platforms, but they can NOT pick up on, or identify a WEBSITE (with a common word search of their siurce product material) that is illegally using their source material huh?? I mean they do it on YOUTUBE all the time and get peoples channels shut down, or sanctions brought against them fax.

      Am i understanding you correctly sir, bkz i’m sure if anybody would be sued it would be some one who is PROMOTIONALLY (Gowler website) gaining, benefitting, i.e “using” their personally owned source material without permissions from the owners vs a “Bedroom producer” who is not famous, 99 X out of 100 will not ever be, & that is NOT SELLING massive units for their to even be a concern by potential sample copyright owners..

      I’d be more concerned with>>>> WHO SOLD THIS MATERIAL TO YOU (freely) bkz without THEM you wouldn’t have gotten possesion of the samples, as well,>>> presumably THAT’s who has the BIGGER $$$$$ bank account being they have a music website business if i was trying to sue some one for illegal content usage.

      Smh, it’s always some SCARY a** nayser’s in the comment’s trying to desway other’s from something that could potential be useful, beneficial to their productions. I guess BPB doesn’t do research, i.e know crap about the 3rd party vendor partnership relationships they have with music production, movie, audio companies etc. So no one has done their “Homework” but you huh Sir? Your the ONLY brilliant genuis who thought of these possibilities before hand huh? Fohwtbs ahahaha smh. #Paranoid also>> #ScaredMoneyDontMakeMoney!

      And so what if they DID sue you? That would mean that you are SUCCESSFUL enuff (become famously well known which is what brought you to their attention span) that some one felt you were making a killin in profits of their owned material without paying them rightfully so.>>> Even if i LOST all the profits from a song or track i produced (knowing the sample material wasn’t mines, copyright owned to begin with) as long as i was PROMOTIONALLY, marketably getting attention, recognition, followers, people intrested in the what’s, & why’s i could care less bkz you might have lost 50k to gain 500k or 5 million bkz of the publicity it brought your way. This is WHY they say their is no such thing as “Good, or Bad” promo, as long as people are talking about you, focused in some inadvertent way then the Job, mission, campaign etc has been a profound success! Sometimes we have to LOSE a little to GAIN a lot. But that’s how life is in general so deal with it.

      Simply put>>If ur SCARED then go to Church. If you have such a stressful concern then just DON’T use them/ the samples. But.>>Don’t try to come on BPB & SABBOTAGE, “scare” off, & or ruin it for others who may have been excited about the sample pack (such as myself) & it’s potential offerings!

      I’m an OOG to this music producer chit (30 plus years ex.). And the least of my concerns as far as sample copyrights go would be any types of “Movie Dialogue” sample packs bkz producers have been using “skits, sound bits” etc from random movie’s for eons on their Major label sold debut albums.

      I’d rather use Movie Dialogue’s than persay PRINCE, or MICHAEL JACKSON, or the BEATLE’S etc & amongst others fax lmao smh. Your worried about the wrong chyt for nothing bro ijs tho ahah. You’d bess be worried about>> SOMEONE STEALING YOUR song’s, samples from a record YOU made than vice versa frfr!

      Well i know i WILL be using them regardless ahahah, on God lmao. Bout to go download them as i type this message fax. And, tho i was bizzy (in the lab, working on my album) at the time i saw the promo announced,>>> i made it a point/sure to not forget, & or lose sight to make sure i download this Movie Dialogue sample pack bkz that, those are the type of inflectional, incidental GEMS that can be intergrated into a music producction that took it from mundane to stellar more fax!

      MDS’s bring real life, reality foley to your sterile, otherwise generic music productions. Hence WHY foley sounds have become such the rage as of recent to the masses of the producer community. But do you bro lmao smh.

      • Ummmmm. It say’s on the website pertaining to the free “Movie Seeds dialogue’s” sample pack that it is 100% ROYALTY FREE! Did you or did you NOT SNEED!

  2. Just because it’s says it’s royalty free on the seller’s site doesn’t guarantee it’s royalty free. Anyone can sample whatever song or movie and sell it and claim it’s royalty free, but that doesn’t make it so. Sometimes the sellers might not even know that what they are selling isn’t royalty free. For instance possibly the most sampled thing ever the “amen break” isn’t copyright free. But thousands of people have used it, tweaked it, sold it, bought it. You might sample something from a record, slice it and process it, but it still isn’t legally yours to sell.

    Stating that something is 100% royalty free is what all sample pack creators do, all it means that when you purchase (or free download) their sample pack, you can then use it in your music and even make money of from it, without any further fees. That doesn’t guarantee that samples are royalty free if the seller didn’t personally record them.

    That said, there are plenty of old movies especially from the 1950s that are in the public domain and listening to these they sound like they fit that time period, so they most likely are royalty free. However if you’d have movie samples from the 1980s and so on, it’s very rare that many (if any) are public domain, from the more famous ones in particular. It was not my intention to attack on this seller in particular, I just generally wanted point out the legality of sampling something and selling it forward. Didn’t expect anyone to get that upset over it.

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