May 2021 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers


May is usually not a very busy month when it comes to music production software offers and discounts. But the situation is a bit different this year, as there are quite a few exclusive sales and freebie offers going on right now.

The first week of May is almost behind us, so let’s summarize the best software and soundware deals of the month so far. We also included the latest freebies, some of which are available for a limited time only (so be sure to act fast).

To help you save some time while browsing the list, the hottest deals are highlighted in red. Our favorite deals and smart savings are highlighted in yellow.

As always, you are welcome to post more deals and freebie offers in the comments section below. The best deals will be added to the article. Thanks for your support!

Software Deals

Soundware Deals


  • Dubstation 2 (€29) by Audio Damage is FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique in May.
  • DriveShaper (£32.95) by Cableguys is FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique this month.
  • entropy:EQ+ (€99) equalizer by Sonible is FREE with a Loopcloud trial.
  • Beat Magazine #185 includes MPC Beat with expansions worth €96, Fundamental Bass by W.A. Production, and a 2.4 GB Korg MS-20 soundbank (the magazine costs €7.49). Thanks to BPB reader Numanoid for the info (and Jalu Kaba X for the correction)!
  • Computer Music Magazine includes a FREE copy of Kilohearts Carve EQ (the magazine costs £3.99).
  • Waves R-Bass is FREE for Bitwig users who have a license for Bitwig Studio, Bitwig Studio EDU, or Bitwig Studio 16-Track (thanks to BPB readers Numanoid and Michal Ochedowski for the info).
  • MTurboEQ by MeldaProduction is FREE free with any purchase at ADSR in May. Also, one lucky ADSR visitor will get the chance to win an Arturia KeyStep Pro controller. Thanks to BPB readers Aris and Christian for the info!
  • Cinematique Instruments offers the Klang of the Month: Berlin Signal Tone as this month’s freebie.
  • Axsens offers the Deep House Sample Pack as a free download this month.
  • ⌚ NEW! The Tyrell Collection Freebie is a FREE sound library for Diva by U-He. The library, designed by Echotailor, emulating the vintage synthesizers sounds heard in the Blade Runner (1982) original soundtrack.
  • ⌚ NEW! Loot Audio is running a competition with over $2500 in prizes, including the S49 keyboard from Native Instruments. The content is still open to new entries, so hurry up. Loot Audio was also offering free gifts to all entrants, but they’re all gone (I was too late to add this to the page, sorry about that!). :(
  • ⌚ NEW! Blind Audio offers a selection of free analog sounds to everyone who signs up to their mailing list.

We will keep adding new deals to this page on an hourly basis. Stay tuned for more epic freebies throughout May 2021. BPB will release a couple of exclusive freebies by the end of this month, too!

Feel free to suggest your favorite deals in the comments section below.

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I recommend checking out the free VST3 Genesyn, I searched couldn’t find it posted about on BPB before.
    It is a 3xOSC/Wave synth, features resizable GUI, 70 included presets, easy on the CPU. The GUI may not suit everybody straight out of the box, but it is perfect for those with touchscreens, easy to use a finger to slide the controls.

    • Hey, the plugins looks cool, I checked it out and messed around with it. But after resizing the plugin to 200% you cannot change it back because the plugin is so big the option to change it back is literally outside of the screen (in the newest FL Studio). Again, looks cool, and love that it doesn’t use that much CPU! But I don’t think was tested AT ALL on a PC. With this huge flaw, Helm is probably still the better options IMO.

      • In Fl Studio can’t you go to the menu in the wrapper that holds Genesyn, and select “Detached” ?
        This is usually how I have been able to work with large size GUIs on small laptop screens in the past

      • Hello Junting, thanks for trying Genesyn.
        You need to edit the SCALE_FACTOR=”2.0″ to SCALE_FACTOR=”1.0″ on the “General Settings” file that you can find at this location “C:\Users\”UserName”\AppData\Roaming\3VSTUDIO\OT GENESYN 2” (“UserName” – has to be your current windows name)
        This way the plugin will return to its default zoom scale setting.

    • thanks for your comments and support… Genesyn ver 2 is out and has more tools, bettter UI and arpeggiator.

  2. NOTE that the Beat issue is number 185. And that the MPC 2 included with the magazine is a special Beat version, it doesn’t feature all the included plugs unfortunately, but Tubesynth at least. And they have thrown in the Vegas Festival expansion (which cost $25 to buy) so that is something to be cheerful about.

  3. Jalu Kaba X


    Commenting on the section regarding Beat Magazine # 184.

    I am one of Beat Magazine customer. FYI, you are wrong in explaining the edition. The edition that includes the MPC package is Beat Magazine #185 not #184.

    And the MPC referred to in the magazine is MPC Beat accompanied by 2 free Expansions, namely Vegas Festival (worth $29.99) and The Vault (worth $79.99). So it’s not MPC 2 but MPC Beat.


    • As far as I understand the Beat edition of MPC comes with Tubesynth. Tubesynth is not included in the free version of MPC is it?

      • Good to have it corrected, so it doesn’t confuse. My main interest in buying Beat is nevertheless per usual to get the Zampler library, and the Model 1978 doesn’t disappoint, 64 multisampled patches from the Korg MS-20, very nice :-)

        • very cool!

          ML sound lab just released a new cab pack for 50% off intro price for any guitarists that might be interested

      • Also note that the price for the ISO download with the PDF magazine is €4,99 (€7,49 is for those buying the printed issue)

    • If you buy Beat Magazine issue #184 (2021-05), you get access to zipped archive with all issues for 2020 year in download area.

  4. Santiago Perez


    For anyone that have Loopademy downloaded they are giving a pack each month for free

    This time is Future Bass Stellar, a really good pack

  5. TAL Audio has today updated all their free FX plugs: TAL-Filter-2, TAL-Chorus-LX and TAL-Reverb-4

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Thanks for the info NUMANOID. These new graphics are certainly better. It’s a welcomed refresh, especially for rather stale looking Filter 2.

  6. Shebil Zaveri


    Soundtoys are having a 80% sale. I really don’t know how often this happens but looks like a good deal.

  7. Michal Ochedowski


    It’s not a plugin deal, but I thought it deserved some attention. D16 Frontier has been updated in February this year. I haven’t read anything about it on BPB, so I’m letting you know here :)
    Interface has been slightly changed. Now it can be resized. Oh and finally, after so many years there is manual available :) Sure, whoever got it until now, probably can operate every control with no problem. Anyway it’s good to know that guys from D16 got around to writing one. Frontier sounds just as good as before, so why not grab the latest release.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Michal, thanks for the info! Frontier is such a great tool and you’re right, the update deserves coverage on BPB. We’ll feature it in the news section this week. Thanks again!

  8. Turbo Play (reg value $15.99) can be worthwhile to check out, it is free for a couple of days via Shareware on Sale:
    It is sort of like a DAW, they call it an audio, image, animation and video sequencer, see the audio specs here:

  9. I am seeing this offer at iZotope called iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle, for $49 (reg value $1600) a user gets 11 plugins: Ozone Elements, RX Elements, Nectar Elements, Neutron Elements, Stutter Edit 2, Trash 2, BreakTweaker Expanded, Iris 2, Phoenix Verb, R2, and Excalibur!

  10. The new issue of Computer Music is out today, and it comes with Tone 2 Filterbank 3
    The plugin hasn’t been updated since 2015, but still a nice one to to have.

  11. Waldorf Nave is 70% off until May 25. Use Coupon Code: “WA-0521-70N” at checkout

  12. Kilohearts celebrate 2 years of Phase Plant with a $99 sale. Those who already bought it can download a new free collaborative soundbank

  13. £4 for various “classic” samples and soundpacks for 5 days. Old they may be, but IMO anybody should have Analog 2 Digital Vol 1 & 2 in their arsenal to get a feeling of how sampling of old synths was done in the 90’s (the golden area of techno/trance music). Chemical Synths is also a steal at just £4, a total of 1000 patches and REX files for Reason. Loyalty points can be used to shave off the price even further, as long as the basket total is over 0

  14. Kawaii Dreams by Samples From Mars: 15 multisampled patches from various late 80’s machines, free to grab!

  15. nu.wav (NYC-based sound design house) created 100MB worth of loops (23 WAV’s in all), using BABY Audio plugins for all processing. Free to grab, but need to sign up to Baby Audio newsletter

  16. Beat WorkZone #20 (No 02/21) will shortly be published, costing €10 to buy. It will include IK Multimedia Syntronik J-60 Roland Juno-60 Emulation (reg value $50)

    • It seems even the new issue of Beat (186) will include J-60. And that issue cost just €5 to download! It will appear for sale sometime next week I believe:

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