90% OFF W.A. Hip Hop & Trap Mega Pack (BPB Exclusive)


W.A. Production offers an exclusive 90% OFF discount on the Hip Hop & Trap Mega Pack ($125 value) for all BPB readers. The company is also running an 80% OFF deal on its new Satyrus distortion effect.

Hip Hop & Trap Mega Pack typically costs $125 in W.A. Production’s online shop, but you can get it for $10 with our exclusive 90% OFF discount code. The bundle is already 20% OFF, so this is a total bargain.

What you’ll get is W.A. Production’s flagship sound collection for hip hop and trap music production. It includes loops, construction kits, samples, fills, sound effects, and even a couple of tutorials. All content is 100% royalty-free for commercial use.

Here’s what’s included in this epic bundle:

  • 65 Construction Kits / Beat Kits
  • 82 Presets (Serum, Sylenth1, Massive)
  • 68 Melody & Bass Loops (+ MIDI)
  • 55 Synth Shots
  • 125 Drum Loops & Fills
  • 138 Drum Shots
  • 21 FX
  • Trap Beat In FL Studio (Audio Course)
  • Spanish Vocal Trap Beat Masterclass (Audio Course)
  • 100% Royalty-Free!

Use the coupon code SUtqMtsf at checkout to apply the 90% OFF discount to your order. Just be sure that the bundle is the only item in your shopping cart, or the code won’t work.

Shopping cart with the SUtqMtsf coupon applied.

Shopping cart with the SUtqMtsf coupon applied.

On a related note, W. A. Production’s Satyrus saturation plugin is down from $39.99 to only $7.99 for a limited time.

If you gave me $2000 to spend on my dream studio setup, I’d probably spend 95% on saturation plugins (like BPB Saturator, but that one’s free!) and the rest on Burger King.

I use saturation on everything, regardless of whether it makes sense, and I’m never satisfied until I’ve tried at least a few different types. It gives everything more color and character, that coveted “analog” sound. Also, it’s probably pathological by now.

W.A. Production’s Satyrus is a particularly good one, and it’s on offer for only 8 bucks, though if you ask me, no price is high enough for a good saturator.

Really, Satyrus offers 8 different distortion and saturation options, so that’s an even better deal for 8 bucks. Oh, I just got that!

Here’s what you get:

  • Power Distortion: A very aggressive distortion that’s sure to blow stuff up
  • Fresnel Saturation: An all-purpose module that saturates things in a very musical way, but can also sizzle and distort at high settings
  • Fresnel Distortion: Similar to Fresnel Saturation, but more focused on the buzzier side of things
  • Satyric Crunch: Similar to Fresnel Saturation, but more aggressive
  • Hyperbolic Overdrive: Perfect for attack-heavy sounds like FX shots, explosions, and more
  • Logarithmic Coloration: A mix between distortion and saturation, W. A. Production recommends this one for making vocals pop out of the mix more
  • Circular Projection: Very bottom-heavy, perfect for basses and pads
  • Cosine Modulation: Comparable to Circular Projection, but subtler

The effect’s intensity is controlled by playing with the “IN” knob – that’s it. As simple as it gets. There are also Mono and Stereo modes and a bunch of crazy presets.

Now go out there and barbecue your sounds to a crisp!

More info: Hip Hop & Trap Mega Pack (90% OFF with coupon code SUtqMtsf until June 24th, 2021)

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