Seismic Drum Sample Pack By Slate Digital Is FREE Until June 29th!


Slate Digital offers the Seismic drum sample pack as a free download for the next five days. Sign up now to receive your free copy of the Seismic sound library.

Slate Digital is back with another royalty-free sample pack, available to anyone who signs up using their email address. The pack is free until June 29th. After that, it will only be available to All-Access Pass members.

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It’s not uncommon for Slate Digital to give away sample packs; I think there have been several in the past few months (such as the BASSHOLE sample pack from earlier this year). This one is the Seismic Drum Sample Pack with an impressive selection of drum and percussion samples.

Seismic is Slate Digital’s biggest free sample pack to date. The 800+ samples are a mixture of high-quality drum/percussion loops and one-shots.

The pack contains 229 drum loops, 153 percussion loops, 152 world percussion one-shots, 187 drum one-shots, and 80 signature percussion loops.

Being royalty-free, you can chop and use these samples in any way you see fit, excluding re-distribution, of course.

When Slate Digital releases a sample pack, they will always describe it as ready to go straight out of the box. Although we like to do a million things to samples, I tend to agree that I’ve never had any complaints about the quality from Slate Digital.

One of the things I like about Seismic straight away is that it’s a versatile pack. A lot of sample packs don’t give you many options and are pretty specific in their use cases. Seismic is perfect for Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance, and EDM, and I think it goes a little bit further.

Whether it’s the one-shot or loops, the addition of world sounds adds more possibilities than you’d get with a straight Hip-Hop/EDM pack.

Firstly, the sounds are authentic, from the instruments (Djembe, Dhol, Darabuka) to the recording. Secondly, the rhythms are authentic, so you could venture into areas like Afro-Jazz, etc.

The reason I mention that is that sometimes you hear instruments like a Djembe or Darabuka on a pop track, but it’s played to fit the context and loses some of its originality/personality. With Seismic, you can add an authentic world-music feel to whatever style of track you are making.

All of the other sounds are, as you’d expect, hard-hitting and impactful; check out the examples.

Seismic is out now and will be available for free download until June 29th. Head to the Seismic promo page and follow the link.

Download: Slate Digital Seismic (FREE until June 29th, 2021)

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  1. Oh man, I hope nobody ever tells Slate how good their free sample packs are, they might start charging for it.

    Those snares and claps alone…

    Thank you James!

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