Waves OneKnob Filter Is FREE Until July 26th! 🔥


Waves Audio and ModeAudio offer the OneKnob Filter ($49 value) plugin as a FREE download until July 26th, 2021.

OneKnob Filter is a simple low-pass filter effect. As its name suggests, the plugin features a single knob which, in this case, controls the filter cutoff. The only other control parameter is the button for selecting the resonance mode (None, Moderate, High, or Extreme).

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If you’re a fan of Waves Audio’s OneKnob plugin suite, there’s no reason to skip on OneKnob Filter. It’s a handy little plugin for adding a bit of spice to your sounds. It works great as a subtle filter for warming up synths and as a screaming resonance box for distorting sounds.

We gave away OneKnob Wetter a while ago, so here’s another opportunity to expand your OneKnob plugin collection for free.

You can hear the OneKnob Filter plugin in action in the video below.

To learn more about the OneKnob Filter plugin, check out this tutorial article by ModeAudio. It covers several use-case scenarios for the plugin, from warming up drum beats to sorting out the high-frequencies in a busy mix.

Speaking of ModeAudio, they’re offering an impressive 800 MB collection of sounds for free. Scroll to the bottom of the tutorial article linked above for more info.

To get OneKnob Filter for free, visit the promo page linked below and follow the instructions. You’ll need to sign up for a free Waves Audio user account or log in to your existing account. You will also need to “complete your profile” by answering a short questionnaire (six questions in total).

Here's how the giveaway page looks after logging in.

Here’s how the OneKnob Filter giveaway page looks after logging in.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to install the Waves Central license manager to download and activate the software.

Here’s more info from Waves Audio:

“Until July 26th only, Waves is pleased to offer the Waves OneKnob Filter plugin for free for ModeAudio users. Perfect for loops, synths, full mixes & more, OneKnob Filter is a simple yet powerful creative effect. The single knob controls the filter sweep, ranging from fully open to a low-range rumble. Automate seamless filter sweeps, perfect for any build-up or drop.”

The only bad news is that the free offer expires very soon. There are practically around 24 hours left at the time of posting this article.

So, hurry up and grab your copy of OneKnob Filter for free!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Waves Audio’s website is currently in maintenance mode. When attempting to log in, the website displays the following error message: “Waves.com is undergoing maintenance. To access your Waves account or purchase Waves products at our online store, please try again later.” We’re hoping that the issue will be resolved soon.

UPDATE #2: Ok, it seems that the maintenance is now finished.

More info: OneKnob Filter / Waves Audio ($49 value, FREE until July 26th)

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