W.A. Production Offers FREE We Love FL Studio Bundle 2


W.A. Production is giving away their We Love FL Studio Free Bundle 2 until August 19th, 2021. Also, the Ultimate FX Bundle is FREE with any order until September 2nd.

The latest freebie from W.A. Production is the follow-up to their immensely popular We Love FL Studio Bundle released earlier this year.

The new We Love FL Studio Free Bundle 2 is a pretty nifty booster pack for producers still finding their specific sound or style. For some of us, this is a never-ending journey – which makes the bundle even more helpful.

The entire package consists of four construction kits arranged by genre. These kits include handy one-shot and loop samples, as well as MIDI files and presets relative to their genre.

The bundle includes:

  • What About: Lofi Illusion – Think light and fluffy drums, jazzy piano chords, and relaxing nature sounds. Pretty much all the sounds needed to make soothing LoFi Hip Hop or House.
  • Future House Genie – This bundle has much harder-hitting drum samples as well as classic EDM risers, impact shots, and club-style chord progressions.
  • EDM For Everyone – Features a more diverse set of samples and info that you can use for various bass-heavy genres like Trap, Hip-Hop, or EDM. This pack may not be as specific as the others, but it does have some uses.
  • Deep House Vibes – This pack is perfect for producers looking to make funky house or dance music. The samples are crisp and mix-ready, making them the perfect add-on to your modern electronica production projects.

In addition to the four sample packs, the bundle includes KSHMR Essentials, a multi-fx plugin specializing in kick drum enhancement.

KSHMR Essentials features eight knobs that allow you to tweak the fundamental parameters that bring your kick drum to life.

Even if you’re not interested in loops and construction kits, I think this plugin makes the bundle well worth the free download. It has a straightforward GUI that is so user-friendly and easy to learn.

Novice producers will also be pleased to learn that this bundle comes with an FL Studio Introduction Course. The course comes with eight tutorial videos that run you through everything you’ll need to know to arrange and mix your own track in FL Studio.

I’d highly recommend this bundle to any FL Studio fans that are still learning the ropes. This bundle usually retails for around $79.90. Downloading it for free is almost daylight robbery.

We Love FL Studio Free Bundle 2 is compatible with Mac OS and Windows 10 and above.

On a related note, W.A. Production currently offers the Ultimate FX Bundle as a free add-on with any paid order. As long as your shopping cart total is higher than zero, you will receive the Ultimate FX Bundle for free.

More info: We Love FL Studio Free Bundle 2 / Ultimate FX Bundle

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  1. Bernie Lenhoff


    Thank you. A correction: the “We Love FL Studio Bundle 2” does NOT include the full KSHMR Essentials, only the KSHMR Essentials Kick module.

  2. Jay Stormusson


    Hi to Everyone !! i’m a little bit late.. i’ve read tonight for download but they said there’s nothing with this name .. Anyone can upload for free with an free uploader? Like zippyshare or others? Thanks so much in advance !!

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