We Love FL Studio Bundle IS FREE For A Limited Time


W.A. Production offers the We Love FL Studio Bundle ($147 value) for FREE for a limited time only.

Hey, do you use FL Studio?

Alright, take $147 and put them on the table. That’s not your money anymore.

Now go to W.A. Production’s website and download their We Love FL Studio FREE Bundle.

You can take back your money now – I just saved you $147. You’re welcome. :)

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But seriously, outside of Reaper, FL Studio might be the next best deal in music production – it’s definitely grown a lot since I first used it when I was in high school 600 years ago. Not only that, but it’s found an audience all its own.

Even the cheapest versions of FL Studio come with a sizable number of virtual instruments and effects, but if you’re really looking to hit the ground running, it’s probably not enough.

So here’s what W.A. Production is giving away:

  • What About Lofi Hip Hop Fantasy – a fresh place to start for all your anime girl studying background music needs. Includes 15x Sylenth1 Presets, 35x Serum Presets, and 268x Samples & Loops, 63x MIDI Loops. Chubby cat not included.
  • What About EDM Vishnu – I’m struggling to describe this – I thought “EDM Vishnu” sounded a bit silly, but that’s exactly what it sounds like. 36x Sylenth1 Presets, 40x Serum Presets, 177x Samples & Loops, 5x Construction Kits, 30x MIDI Loops. Just don’t mention Nepal.
  • What About Future House Mammoth – Oh, I get it – it’s cause it’s large-sounding. 6x Construction Kits, 6x FL Studio Templates, 25x Serum Presets, 23x Sylenth1 Presets, 143x Samples & Loops, 24 MIDI Loops. Make sure to defrost first.
  • What About: Robotic & Transformers FX – 340x Samples & Loops (in disguise). I don’t know what to tell you – this has everything robot-related. Sounds pretty believable.
  • Vocal Splitter – This is a pretty classic W.A. Production offering – unsurprisingly, it “splits” vocals into two tracks – you can then manipulate the two copies to create that classic vocal sound. You know the one. No, you do.
  • FL Studio 20 Pro Tips – I’m sorry to say that these are Pro Tips for FL Studio 20, not 20 Pro Tips for FL Studio. They’re still great tips, though.
  • Melodic Dubstep Poetic (FL Studio Template) – I used to be way into Dubstep. Hand on heart, not a lot of sample packs capture that airy, quote-unquote “epic” feeling that proper melodic dubstep has – this one really does.
  • Future Bass Mob (FL Studio Template) – I don’t have anything particularly clever to say about this one. Sounds great, though.
  • Future Bounce Aunt (FL Studio Template) – This might even be too bouncy! Not sure where the “aunt” fits in all of this, though that may be somewhat appropriate.

Now, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I can’t imagine that the EDM Police will be knocking on your door if you use the presets and samples outside of FL Studio. Still, I’m not a DAW lawyer, so try it at your own peril.

More info: W.A. Production We Love FL Studio FREE Bundle (a selection of 9 different products, requirements may differ based on the individual sample pack, template, or plugin)

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  1. Thanks a lot for the info and WA Prod for giving it away free :-) Unzipped this is almost 9GB of material: 1500+ WAV samples 250+ MID files and 250+ patches for Sylenth1 and Serum

  2. this is nice,I already got this.there are so many good stuff in the bundle,and even without fl studio,just check it out.

  3. Sonic Bloom release free Mellotron Trombone & Trumpet Live Pack:

  4. Well worth signing up for this pack just to get the Vocal Splitter plugin for free. It’s usually $29. You can also choose which packs you want, so you don’t have to download the whole bundle.

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