Bass Buss Lite Plugin Is Free Until The End Of August (EXPIRED)


Final Mix Software offers the Bass Buss Lite ($19 value) plugin as a free download by the end of the month.

Bass Buss Lite is an easy-to-use bass enhancer plugin. The developer describes it as a “plugin that helps the Bass sound the way it should.”

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If you’re following our news section, you’ve probably already heard of Rob Chiarelli’s audio tools. Another one of his plugins called M1LimiterLite was offered as a limited-time freebie last month.

Bass Buss Lite is quite similar to M1LimiterLite in terms of design. It sports a vertical fader that controls the input gain and a couple of knobs for adjusting the headroom and the plugin’s processing mode.

The Style knob lets you choose between five different music style modes, each affecting the bass frequencies differently. The EDM mode is the most aggressive of the bunch, whereas the Hip Hop mode enhances the sub-bass. The Pop, Rock, and Ballad are more conservative.

Thanks to its simple control layout, using the Bass Buss Lite plugin is straightforward. Adjust the input gain and headroom controls to your liking, then select the processing mode that is most appropriate for your project.

Bass Buss Lite will “enhance” your bass recordings by compressing, saturating, and EQing the incoming audio according to your settings. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fine-tune the underlying algorithm, but that’s the whole idea behind plugins like this one.

If you happen to like how Bass Buss Lite impacts the bass channel, it can prove to be quite a workflow enhancer.

If, however, you prefer having more control over the mixing process, your best bet is to keep using compressors, EQs, and other more standard audio tools.

Here’s a bit more info about the plugin:

“Inside the BassBusLite is a chain of signal processors that create a more exciting and modern Bass sound without overpowering the mix. The BassBusLite is incredibly simple and easy to use. From the very first time you use it, your Bass will begin to “sit in the mix” with clarity, weight, and definition. And every time you use it, the sound and feel of the Bass will be noticeably better.”

Bass Buss Lite usually costs $19 on the Final Mix Software website. However, you can download it for free by using the coupon code AUGUST2021 by the end of this month. There are 24 hours left at the time of publishing this article, so hurry up!

More info: Bass Buss Lite (FREE with coupon code AUGUST2021 by the end of this month)

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  1. Definitely a keeper in my Plugin Book. I’m a huge fan of plugins that simplify complex audio chains and techniques into a single Knob or two. Top Marks!

  2. Can’t get the Bass Buss Lite Plugin to install… It keeps toggling between with no install. I just got out of the hospital. Maybe I’m too late,

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