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Get NI KOMPLETE Classics Collection For $99 @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique is running an insane special on the KOMPLETE Classics Collection by Native Instruments. For a very limited time, you can purchase the entire bundle for just $99 ($495 list price).

KOMPLETE Classics Collection is a bundle of four of Komplete’s premier synth and FX plugins – Massive, Abysynth5, FM8, and the Replika delay. Each of these plugins is pretty powerful on its own, so you can imagine the immense music-making possibilities with the entire bundle on hand.

Here’s a brief rundown of each of the plugins in this bundle:


Massive is possibly one of the most widely recognizable synths in the VST plugin market. The instrument operates primarily using three-wave scanning oscillations that are fully customizable.

You can mix each oscillator independently and route them through a ton of modulations and effect chains for endless sound building.

Massive also allows you to map certain parameters to external devices like controllers or sequencers. This option is ideal for producers who enjoy having maximum control of their modulations.

The synth has a huge library of over 1,300 stock sounds ranging from pads and pulses to lead and basslines. These sounds come with predefined macros that let you modulate your sounds instantly for fluid creative sessions.

Absynth 5

Absynth can serve as both a synth plugin and an effects unit. Much like Massive, it operates primarily with three layers of oscillation, but you can also bypass this and route other audio through the plugin for treatment.

Absynth 5 is a semi-modular virtual synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Absynth 5 is a semi-modular virtual synthesizer by Native Instruments.

The GUI is quite dense and comes loaded with 2100 presets to kickstart your workflow. Absynth also comes with a wave shape editor for meticulous transient shaping.

There is also an interesting editor called The Mutator that lets you quickly blend elements from separate presets together.


Like the name suggests, FM8 design centers around FM synthesis. The library of 1200 sounds all has a retro flavor that matches the aesthetic of the user interface.

Users can choose to edit their sounds in a simple Easy Editor window or dive into the Matrix window for more advanced sound design.

FM8 is NI's popular FM virtual synthesizer.

FM8 is NI’s popular FM virtual synthesizer.

Each operator in the FM8 synth is highly customizable. There are envelope editors and a healthy handful of effects on hand for extra coloring.

The effects rack includes handy tools like an EQ and overdrive as well as more exotic toys like a talk-wah and tremolo. This synth is incredibly user-friendly and should be quite easy for most producers to navigate.


Replika is a compact and diverse FX unit that acts primarily as a delay. Users can choose from a long list of presets for quick treatment, or freely customize their delays in the GUI. There are three primary delay modes – Modern, Vintage Digital, and Diffusion.

You can add some extra tweaks to your delay by using the filter or phaser on the plugin’s effects chain. The delays can also operate in standard, wide, or ping-pong mode. All in all this plugin serves as a nice cherry on the otherwise rich cake that is the Complete Classics Bundle.

The Komplete Classics Bundle is available in 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows 10 and macOS users.

More info: KOMPLETE Classics Collection

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    • Michal Ochedowski


      A voice of reason is always welcome. I wonder if any of these synths have GUI resize option and what they actually look like in high resolution.
      One might think that after iZotope merger with Native Instruments some of these synths will become abandon-ware, just like it was with Iris2 for example.

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