This $20 Coupon Code Gets You A FREE Plugin Alliance Product! (EXPIRES IN 24 HOURS)


Plugin Alliance launched the Mega Sale with prices starting at $5 (over 135 plugins on sale). The company also offers a $20 coupon code with no minimum spend. The sale is extended until October 2nd, 2021.

UPDATE (September 30th): Plugin Alliance just announced that the $20 code will be reset 24 hours from now, giving customers the chance to use it twice. However, the code will only work twice if you’ve already used it once before it resets.

UPDATE (October 4th): Plugin Alliance announced that the $20 code can now be used for the third time. The sale officially ends today!

You can use the coupon code MEGA-SALE-20OFF to reduce the price of your order by $20, and there’s no minimum spend. In other words, you can use the coupon code to pay $9 for a $29 plugin or get a $19.99 plugin for free!

It’s worth noting that the code can be used only a single time per user account. On the other hand, even new accounts can use the coupon code (you can register now and use the coupon code in your shopping cart).

Plugin Alliance offers a diverse lineup of high-quality music production software on their website, covering all sorts of mixing and sound design tools across different price ranges. Let’s take a closer look at some of the stuff you can get for free or cheap during the sale.

Freebie Options (up to $19.99)

There’s actually a wide range of software to choose from in the sub-$20 price range. The plugins by Unfiltered Audio cost between $9.99 and $14.99 while being some of the craziest sound design tools on the market.

For example, you can get the Dent 2 ($14.99) distortion plugin or the Fault ($14.99) audio warping madhouse. Perhaps an even smarter purchase would be getting an awesome saturation/delay combo from Unfiltered Audio. Indent 2 and Sandman both cost $9.99, and you can grab them for free.

SPL plugins are also worth checking out. Their Attacker Plus plugin costs $19.99 on sale, and it’s a capable yet easy-to-use transient shaper.

Lindell Audio offers several $9.99 plugins. These are some tasty analog-style equalizers and compressors that mimic the sound and functionality of expensive hardware.

Last but not least, Brainworx offers a bunch of guitar pedals priced at $9.99 during the Mega Sale. And if you have a taste for hard-hitting kick drums, check out the bx_boom! ($19.99) plugin.

Bargain Options

Now that we’ve covered the freebies let’s take a look at some no-brainer deals. To be honest, there are too many options to cover, so I’ll mention just a few of my favorites here.

You’re more than welcome to leave a comment with your recommendation on what to get with the $20 coupon code.

If you don’t already own the Thorn synthesizer by DS Audio, it’s an absolute steal for $19.99 (with the coupon code applied). It’s a super-versatile modern synthesizer with countless features and 600 presets.

Byome by Unfiltered Audio is another crazy purchase for $19.99 (with the coupon code applied). You’re getting 40 different FX modules in a crazy virtual modular environment.

I purchased the Chop Shop plugin earlier today, and I’m super happy with my purchase. This is a handy go-to channel EQ with some remarkable secret powers (the Lo-Rider mode is fantastic).

The $20 Coupon Code

So, go to Plugin Alliance and check out the available products. Use the coupon code MEGA-SALE-20OFF to get $20 off your order. You can use the coupon code only once (although Plugin Alliance sometimes resets the code a few days later, giving everyone who used the code another $20 off).

UPDATE: Just as we hinted in the paragraph above, Plugin Alliance will reset the code on October 1st, and you’ll be able to use it once again after that. However, this only works if you’ve already used the code once before it resets.

Let us know what you purchased (or downloaded for free) in the comments section below.

More info: Plugin Alliance Mega Sale (use coupon code MEGA-SALE-20OFF for an added $20 discount)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Plugin Alliance has run this deal so many times that there is nothing left for me to buy. These are very useful plugins.

  2. I just paid a transfer fee for a plugin I got 2nd hand some time ago. Sometimes it is a good idea to get something this way and wait for the next voucher.

    Byome for 7 Euros all-in? Good overall deal I think

  3. My September loyalty voucher doesn’t work, but I’ve read other people on Facebook who have used it. Has anyone had the same problem?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s weird. I only tried the $20 coupon code, though, and it worked for me. The loyalty vouchers have a minimum order requirement, so that could be the problem perhaps.

    • My loyalty voucher expired September 26, just before the mega sale, and PA notified me about this with an “expires soon” mail on September 20.

  4. Does anyone know how SPL Attacker Plus compares with other Transient plugins i’ve picked up through BPB, like Flux BitterSweet, MasteringTheMix Punch, WA Production Helper Transients 2, Audio Assault Transient+, etc?

    Gah, BPB has spoiled me with too much stuff i haven’t had a chance to properly try & compare yet. Already got all the Lindell stuff from Plugin Alliance’s previous coupon. Difficult to decide what to redeem this time. The Unfiltered Audio stuff doesn’t really appeal to me (also already hoarding tons of similar effects gotten through BPB).

    • Decided to go for SPL De-Verb Plus, as that functionality could prove useful to me, & not much free/gift options out there for this kinda task.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Audio Assault Transient+ is badly written plugin. Half the time I spent with it was trying to figure out the logic behind its way of processing a signal. E.g. why in some scenarios Sustain parameter didn’t affect transients at all or why it kept crashing, when I tried to save/load presets. Why transients were processed only at certain level while the quieter ones were left untouched. On top of that there was no manual. In comparison Flux BitterSweet (the free version) worked within seconds and was stable. Never had problems with it.

      • Thanks for the informative reply! I’ll know to pass over Transient+ now.

        Been using Flux BitterSweet on acoustic guitar strumming & so far it has worked ok, but i haven’t yet had the energy to test/compare with all the others so i wouldn’t know if there’s something better.

    • Hi Darryl, from my experience, SPL Attacker gives a good solid sound quality. I was very impressed with it. Im not sure how they compare to the ones you mentioned though.
      The other 2 SPL plug-ins (De-Reverb & Mo-Verb) i really like those as well, i got very good quality results using all of SPL plug-ins.

  5. Got myself Distorange & GreenScreamer by Brainworx to-day. But have my eyes on Byome modular fx by Unfiltered Audio and Position by Dear Reality it can pan and mix in 3D.

  6. I’m getting Elysia mpressor for 9,99 – crazy! Maybe an oldie, but still stands strong and has that nifty negative ratio thing

  7. In previous mega sale they had cleansweep pro plugin under $20. But they later set its price to $29. I think it was the best plugin to get free with discount code.

    • Ugh… Here we go again, i’ve run out of desired-stuff to redeem! XD

      Still wondering if any of their other below-20-USD stuffs are better than the tons of free/gift alternatives i’ve already gotten through BPB, & worth getting over those.

  8. I was unable to use it for my $40.00 purchase of Lion synth. Went through the purchase process all the way from the beginning to the end (with an actual purchase) and no opportunity to put in the code.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      The bracket to enter voucher code is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. I remember when I made my first purchase from PA, I couldn’t find it either.

  9. Origin Makers


    Got Unfiltered Audio Fault on first code… Got sandman pro which includes instant delay in the second… Thanks BPB and Plugin Alliance…

  10. picked up bassmint this time, maybe next sale i’ll get lion
    slowly building up the repertoire of ua plugins…

  11. I’ve got another mail from Plugin Alliance today:

    “Use your $20 code 3x! We will reset the $20 voucher code again in 24 hours. October 3, 11:59 PM PST”

  12. I got 3 Lindell plugins for $30. Then saw the email that had come 1 hour back that there’s going to be one more reset lol. But no worries. I might pick up the De Verb….

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