Get 97% OFF Octosale Bundle By Black Octopus Sound


Audio Plugin Deals launched a no-brainer 97% OFF deal on the Octosale Bundle, offering eight Black Octopus Sound sample packs for only $8!

Octosale Bundle is currently your cheapest ticket to Black Octopus Sound’s sound libraries.

Black Octopus Sound makes popular sound packs that cover all styles of electronic music. I’ve personally been a big fan for years. Thanks to Audio Plugin Deals, you can get thousands of Black Octopus sounds in a bundle of eight premium packs for just $1 per pack.

Let’s not waste time and dive into what you get because it’s pretty exciting stuff.

Midnight Breeze is a collection of lo-fi piano loops. It also comes with a bunch of vocal chops and atmospheres. Perfect for making those late-night beats!

Next up, we have Shook Synth Funk, a collection of synth loops and some great-sounding drum samples. All courtesy of prolific Dutch producer Shook.

Reel to Reel is my personal favorite. The library is drenched in that late 60s/ early 70s grimy sound, complete with lush guitar loops and even some glockenspiel! Definitely don’t sleep on this one.

Neurofunk Machinery Vol.1 is legit. I used to be into neurofunk back in the proverbial “day,” and this sounds excellent. There are tons of synth and drum loops in this, as well as individual samples, and they’re all great.

Ear Candy FX Toolkit 2 is a must-have for EDM artists. An EDM track is only as good as its weakest transition, and this pack offers a variety of “whooshy” SFX. The sounds are masterfully crafted, and there’s a good 200 in here.

Mixed Emotions is something I’m very familiar with, and this one definitely fits the bill. It has cello, symphonic, piano, bass, and drum loops, for when you really want to express your inner Alicia Keys.

Didgeridoo Massive is a collection of didgeridoo samples. And they’re massive.

Cristina Soto Vocal Atmospheres is a strange one. I’m not super big on ambient, but I love using ambient sounds in the background of tracks. They’re also straightforward and fun to manipulate. If you’re like me, this pack should keep you busy for a while.

As with every sample pack promotion like this, you might not end up using every last sound, but this particular bundle seems to be pretty well thought out in terms of genre.

If you’re into more lo-fi, trip-hop, downbeat, etc., you’re probably going to find a lot to sink your teeth into here.

Except the didgeridoo. I don’t have an answer for that one. But it’s massive!

And if your music production takes you to different genres, that’s still a lot of sounds for only $8 bucks. Still a pretty great steal, right?

More info: Octosale Bundle (97% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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