Heavyocity Punish Lite Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the Punish Lite ($49 retail price) plugin by Heavyocity as a free add-on with any purchase in their online store this month.

Punish Lite is based on the distortion effect used in Heavyocity’s virtual instruments. It is now available as a standalone effect in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for 64-bit plugin hosts.

Fans of easy-to-use plugins will appreciate Punish Lite’s streamlined control scheme.

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The plugin sports an oversized dial that controls the intensity and character of the applied distortion. The user can also tweak the input and output gain and monitor the volume levels using the display at the top of the GUI.

The interface looks like some sort of contraption from an RPG game. The esthetic probably won’t suit everyone’s taste, but Punish Lite definitely doesn’t look too bad.

Sound-wise, Punish Lite is an analog-style distortion effect designed to saturate and overdrive the audio signal on the input. You can use it to add some mojo and grit to synths, bass, vocals, or fire it up as a parallel processing tool on the drum bus.

Here’s how Heavyocity describes the plugin:

“After nearly a decade of devastation, the purest form of Heavyocity’s iconic effect is now available as a standalone fx plugin. Introducing PUNISH Lite. Pulled straight from Heavyocity’s award-winning line of virtual instruments, PUNISH Lite runs the gamut of drive and saturation, pushing your sources from subtle heat to full-on fire. Featuring a studio’s worth of analog punch packed into a single, central knob, PUNISH Lite makes it easy to go from warmth and snap to total destruction.”

There really isn’t much else to say about Punish Lite except that it’s a handy little saturation effect. If you enjoy plugins like Saturation Knob and FrontDAW, then Heavyocity’s little saturation box is definitely worth a look.

To claim your free copy of Punish Lite, complete any purchase on Plugin Boutique in October (requires a valid email address). The total value of your shopping cart must be higher than zero (in other words, the offer isn’t valid for free orders).

Plugin Boutique always has some deals going on. For the complete list of discounts, visit their Deals page.

More info: Punish Lite (FREE @ Plugin Boutique until October 31st, 2021)

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  1. Blip (Atari retro) for Live, Kontakt, Logic is free this week (usually costs $15)

  2. Audio Thing Things Flip Eq can be had 75% off with the latest Beat magazine (costing €5 instead of €19)
    And the Beat download also has the Layerz lib for Zampler included

      • This is included in the Tube & Tape Bundle, note that CDS and Overtone plugs are cut down Beat versions:
        -Analog Obsession NOS bundle
        -Vice One Compressor
        -CDS Fast FET Compressor (Beat version)
        -Overtone PTH-2A (Beat version)

      • Those registering at the Plugins Samples site, will get 4 free Zampler packs. And one also get access to see everything that is included on the DVDs with Beat magazine, even what is included inside Zip files

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