AmpliTube 5 Orange Dual Terror Is FREE Until October 31st!


IK Multimedia offers the Orange Dual Terror guitar amp for AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop (freeware) as a FREE download to all newsletter subscribers until October 31st, 2021.

Orange Dual Terror is part of the AmpliTube Orange (€99.99) gear collection for the AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop plugin.

You can add the Orange Dual Terror amp to your IK Multimedia user account completely free of charge until October 31st. Once unlocked, the software is yours to keep forever.

The virtual amp works in all versions of AmpliTube 5, including the completely free AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop platform. Since the Custom Shop plugin already comes with a decent selection of free amps and cabinets, you’ll be able to match the Orange Dual Terror with other gear to create custom setups.

It’s worth noting that the free download offer doesn’t include the Orange Tiny Terror cabinet. You’re only getting the virtual guitar head.

Detailed instructions on claiming your free Orange Dual Terror for AmpliTube 5 are available on the promo page linked below.

Here’s a quote from IK Multimedia’s website:

  • Log into your IK account and head to your User Area;
  • Use the pop-up message to Redeem your promotional item and sign up for the newsletter if you’re not already;
  • Download and open the IK Product Manager;
  • Select Manage My Products, then using the Software tab, click the Install and Authorize button to the right of AmpliTube 5;
  • If you’ve already authorized AmpliTube 5, start it up, log into the Custom Shop, click your User Name in the upper right-hand corner and select Restore My Purchases.

As mentioned above, you will need to sign up for IK Multimedia’s newsletter. You will also need to install the IK Product Manager and the AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop application to use the freebie amp.

As for the amp itself, it’s a detailed emulation of the Dual Terror guitar amplifier. It features the same controls and nails that crunchy, warm sound.

The original Orange Dual Terror amp is a 30-Watt dual-stage amp with a simple control setup on both channels (Volume, Tone, Gain). It’s famous for its wide tonal range and a tasty high-gain tone.

Here’s a quick demo video if you want to hear the Orange Dual Terror in action.

The freebie offer expires on October 31st, 2021. So, we can consider this as an early Halloween treat from IK Multimedia.

On a related note, IK Multimedia is still running the 25th Anniversary Group Buy. You can get over 20 products for free if you purchase anything in their online store this month.

More info: Orange Dual Terror (FREE if you sign up before October 31st)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Michel Tshilomba


    OMG!! Nice!!
    I love the Orange amps! Been using Tiny Terror for years now.

    Thank you so much for the heads up!! 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  2. Thanks!

    I think this is the first time redeeming IKM gift went flawlessly, so kudos to them! Logged into the user area (at their website), redeemed the gift, opened up Custom Shop app and restored purchases, and boom there it is. Everything works great as long as your apps are up to date. The problem was/is that they used to update, change and add new authorizations apps all the time and the old versions/app just didn’t work at all after a new one was released.

    I do wish I’d only need to install one IKM app, instead of two (authorization manager + custom shop), but at least it works now! so good job guys!

  3. Michal Ochedowski


    Some words of caution to anyone installing and starting AmpliTube 5 for the very first time. When I launched the app, I had no idea that soundcard was set as default built-in one. As a result there was huge feedback loop, that might’ve damaged my laptop speaker and also my hearing. It was the very first time I experienced something like that, because the build-up took only 2 seconds. There was almost no time to react. It was a good coincidence that I haven’t had any cables going out of my built-in soundcard, as I only use the external USB one.
    My advice – switch main audio output off and then start the program. Check if the level meter in AmpliTube’s bottom right corner isn’t being fed with a constant loud signal.
    Bare in mind I have nothing against IK Multimedia. As I stated above, it’s only a warning I wish I’d have read prior to using AmpliTube 5.

  4. PROBLEMS!!! It seems that the new Mac update Catalina 10.15.7 release oct 26 crashes some IK Multimedia products. SampleTank 4, T-Racks 5 and Amplitube 5.

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