LoFi Flux Light Is A FREE Tape Warble Plugin By Yum Audio (Limited Time)


Yum Audio releases LoFi Flux Light, a free (for a limited time only) analog-modeled tape warble effect based on the new LoFi Flux Machine (€69 launch offer) plugin. Claim your free license before the offer expires on November 3rd, 2021.

LoFi Flux Light emulates the pitch warble and instability effects of analog tape. The effect is a “lightweight” free version of Yum Audio’s newly released LoFi Flux Machine plugin.

We covered Yum Audio’s software in a recent post, and our writer James quoted the developer in the article, saying: “audio software should inspire you and help to fuel creative endeavors, not complicate them.”

I loved Yum Audio’s earlier plugins, and it seems like they’re following the same path in their latest software. The focus is still on utilizing audio imperfections as creative tools designed to make audio recordings (and mixes) sound more interesting and lifelike.

So, let’s check out the free LoFi Flux Light plugin first, and then we’ll compare it to the LoFi Flux Machine, which comes with a 60 EUR price tag.

LoFi Flux Light has five control parameters. The two knobs control the pitch modulation speed and intensity, while the Instability slider controls the “irregularity” of the effect. When set to zero, the modulation is sinewave-shaped. Introducing more instability makes the modulation more erratic.

The last two control parameters are the time synchronization switch and the slow/jitter button. The latter lets you choose between smooth modulation and faster, almost instant pitch fluctuations.

The waveform display at the top shows a visual representation of the modulation curve.

The more expensive LoFi Flux Machine adds many features like tape saturation, noise, tone shaping, and stereo width control. It dedicates an entire section to tape flutter emulation, with four different modes and variable intensity.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to mess with your audio’s pitch stability, try using LoFi Flux Light on a basic synth pad or strummed guitar chords. These small pitch inconsistencies almost always make such audio sources sound more emotional and deep.

Or perhaps these pitch imperfections are tiny doses of nostalgia for my generation who grew up listening to music on audio cassettes and watching movies on worn-out VHS tapes.

You can download LoFi Flux Light by signing up to the developer’s mailing list or sharing the product page on Facebook/Twitter to unlock the download link.

It seems that the plugin is free for a limited time only, so hurry up. Yum Audio’s previous limited-time freebie, the Spread Light plugin, now costs €49 in their online store.

UPDATE: The free license offer expires on November 3rd. To claim your free license, click the “FREE Launch Offer” bubble at the bottom-right corner of the product page (you need to be logged in).

Download: LoFi Flux Light (47.9 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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    • Irion Da Ronin


      No, the bigger brother of this light plugin is the machine one, which is more expensive. When 14 days end, this light version will be available as purchase in the web. But now we can grab it for free and keep it forever.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I just received a reminder from Yum Audio to get my free license (even though I thought I already had it). It turns out you have to click the “FREE Launch Offer” bubble at the bottom right corner of the site to get the actual license.

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