VSTBuzz Offers FREE Wicked Drum Hits 2 By Black Octopus Sound


VSTBuzz offers the Wicked Drum Hits 2 (€22 value) sound library by Black Octopus Sound as a FREE download until November 9th, 2021.

Wicked Drum Hits 2 is Black Octopus Sound’s premium collection of drum kits for modern electronic music production. The library typically costs €22, but you can get it for free in this limited-time deal at VSTBuzz.

The product contains 400 drum samples, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, cymbals percussion, impacts, and sound effects. Black Octopus Sound also included a set of 50 tuned kicks that you can conveniently match to your project’s key.

Another handy addition is the folder containing snare tails. You can use the transient from one snare and mix it with another snare’s tail to create your own custom snare combinations.

According to the sound designers who made these drums, they’re crafted for use in Modern Dubstep, Trap, Riddim, Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, and Electro music. Obviously, the focus is on hard-hitting electronic drums that will work as the foundation of a busy electronic mix.

The sounds are provided in WAV format, so they’re compatible with any digital audio workstation on the market. You can also load them in your favorite drum sampler (we recommend Sitala and Speedrum Lite).

Here’s more info about Wicked Drum Hits 2:

“One of the top-selling drum packs from Black Octopus has returned! Wicked Drum Hits 2 is back with more of the thick, meaty snares, sharp kicks, tuned kicks, crisp hats, impacts, loops & more! A dynamic and punchy kit of drums is an essential piece in any producer’s arsenal, and Wicked Drum Hits 2 is sure to be a go-to favorite for many producers for years to come!”

And you can hear the drums in action in the demo video embedded below.

To download your free copy of Wicked Drum Hits 2, visit the promo page linked below and click the BUY NOW button. Complete the free checkout process, and you’ll be redirected to Black Octopus Sound’s website, where you can download the drums for free.

If you’re looking for more drum samples, check out the free 99 Drum Samples II collection I recently released on 99Sounds.

Download: Wicked Drum Hits 2 (FREE @ VSTBuzz)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. 1. lengthy sign-up @ vstbuzz
    2. then copy code after activation @ vstbuzz
    3. followed by same @ second site blackoctopus lengthy sign-up & vstbuzz code not working.

    ugh ! – both sites are a nightmare to navigate… after numerous attempts, it is impossible.

    I should know better & not waste my time with these inane wild goose chases !

    • code is indeed working, just tried it.
      People are used to everything being “instant” these days…
      Well, being a musician, and always searching for good deals, I must confess I already have a vstbuzz account, and a blackoctopus one :)

  2. What about
    “Earth & Stars expansion for Valhalla Supermassive” by solidtrax nl ?

    ..”Inside this expansion you will find 139 presets that focus on a wide variety of reverbs, from rooms, chambers and halls to ice castles and alien landscapes. On top of that we made some presets that are heavily inspired by some classic hardware reverbs from the past. Lastly, we’ve included a handful of delay and chorus presets that can really help create some extra dimension to your sounds.”

    I rarely use presets for reverbs, but it could be convenient this time :)
    And price is zero now, so…

    • thanks for sharing, this is a nice paywhatyouwant-offer.
      i havent tried the presets yet, just downloaded it, which was superquick and easy.

  3. As Dart and Sammy have said above, the whole process is a nightmare….frankly it’s enough to put you off these two companies, as well as others that use this type of multiple site sign-ups and registering. As far as I’m concerned, they can get lost!

    • yeah, the whole process is really a 3 minute long disturbing nightmare of filling in your data, clicking a couple of buttons and copying a code to another website. plus the horrible experience of waiting for the download to finish for another minute. it is absolutely terrifying, seriously.

  4. Michal Ochedowski


    It really depends what time you decide to order. I did it after 7 o’clock in the morning (GMT+1). It took me 10 minutes and sample pack was on my hard drive. I already had account on VSTBuzz, but had to create a new one on the host’s site. You register one time and your account stays for future reference and faster checkout.

  5. it works…when you get the email from VSTbuzz the link is not already a download link (like i thought it was), it just brings you to the BOS site where you need to add the coupon code sent you thru the email from vst buzz…then it works to bring the cart price back to zero and THEN you get the dload link from BSO…
    VERY kind of VSTbuzz’s staff to sort me out on that…props to them

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