GLITCHEDTONES Scare Tactics Is FREE For A Limited Time


Audio Plugin Deals offers the Scare Tactics ($24 value) sound library as a FREE download until November 5th, 2021.

Halloween is around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get your hands on this collection of spooky sounds.

Scare Tactics is a sound effects collection designed by GLITCHEDTONES. It includes horror-inspired atonal textures, chilling drones, layered hits, and eerie transitions.

The pack contains 40 abstract textures, 20 drone sounds, 100 one-shot jump scare elements, and 40 transition sound effects.

The sounds in this collection have been created using heavily processed string instruments, manipulated samples of field recordings, and cutting-edge synthesis techniques. The result is a collection of high-quality horror sound effects for trailers, video projects, etc.

“Scare Tactics is a collection of unsettling atonal textures, menacing drones, abstract hits, and ghostly transitions, providing all of the elements needed to construct convincingly creepy horror scenes full of dark ambiance, jump scares, and ominous presence. Prepare to unleash some serious Scare Tactics onto your audience!”

You can either use the sounds by directly adding them to the project you’re working on or even tweak and manipulate them further using your DAW.

Collections like these are useful not just for horror-themed music but can also add a level of depth and uniqueness to various genres of electronic music. For example, using a drone as a layer can add complexity to the melodic elements of your song.

Replacing the percussive elements of your drum kit with one of the one-shot samples can also yield interesting results and make your drums sound unique. How about layering your snare drum with an abstract horror hit to add texture?

Scare Tactics can be used in any DAW and since it is a collection of WAV sounds. You can also drop these samples into a sampler and process the sounds further to best suit your needs.

Glitchedtones is a UK-based sound effects label that focuses on creating glitch elements using unique recording techniques and sound generators.

The pack is free for a limited time only. Its price, otherwise, is $24 and the collection contains 200 files for both Windows and macOS users. You can sign in to the Audio Plugin Deals website and download your pack

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Download: Scare Tactics (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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  1. I got the email from APD. Listened and thought I could use these. However when I was forwarded to the Glitchedtoines site. They wanted so much personal info in order to d.load. I really felt it was too much. Not just name. But full address, email, and phone (I believe this last one was optional.
    I fully appreciate freebies. And have been an avid user of freebies. And understand the need for some info. But my full address incl postcode ?. Why? Not necessary. An email is enough.

    • i have been getting more spam lately to my phone and email and i think it has to do with this website and the affiliation with some of the companies they stock

      in my sensible mode, i would never actually give my info out to random websites, but i may have had a fault in said sensibility recently. if you want, you can put random, incorrect information (besides your email address so that you can download the product)–these websites don’t actually know that you’ve made up an address or phone number. i usually just put a correct zip for the state which i claimed residency in

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