BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


Looking for a way to extract every ounce of auditory goodness out of your tracks? Parallel Aggressor ($49 value) by BABY Audio is worth a try. Get it for FREE with any purchase on ADSR Sounds’ online store before the end of November.

We already reviewed the plugin last year (read our Parallel Aggressor review), and we absolutely loved it!

Parallel Aggressor is both a compressor and a saturator. It allows you to make your audio more punchy and adjust its saturation for a bigger bite. It achieves this by splitting your audio into three parts, represented from left to right on the interface:

  • Spank – A compressed version of your input.
  • Dry – Your original signal.
  • Heat – A saturated version of your original audio.

The three parts can be adjusted using the faders at the center of the interface. You can solo the three audio versions using the ‘S’ buttons below the faders. By soloing the signal from either the Spank or Heat tracks, you can compare it to the dry signal and fine-tune your work.

Using the two knobs (which give the interface a boom-box appearance), you can adjust the degree of compression with the left knob and saturation with the right knob. There are additional options for editing the Spank and Heat tracks.

Spank has four additional options that are available on the left side of the interface:

  • Extra Punch – for over-the-top punch
  • Extra Smack – For extra heavy compression
  • Side Chain Filter
  • Mono

Heat has its own options under the Heat Style heading on the right:

  • Extra Hot – for extra saturation
  • Tone – for adjusting the tonal value
  • High Pass Filter
  • Low Pass Filter

There are also other options. Auto Gain is a function for consistent plugin output, while the Bypass option helps you bypass the plugin with the click of a button.

There is an option to save your settings as a preset. There are also 25 presets made by experienced sound engineers.

The interface is not only unique and fun but also very intuitive. Multiple color schemes are available for the interface – Dark Mode, Grey Mode, and Light Mode.

Simplicity and ease of use are the two selling points of BABY Audio’s plugins. Here are some of their most popular ones, which you could pair with Parallel Aggressor:

  • Spaced Out – FX Generator with more than 50 individual effects
  • Comeback Kid – Delay Effects and more
  • Smooth Operator – equalization, spectral compression, and resonance suppression

So if you were looking to add that extra “oomph” to your mix, buy any paid plugin of your choice at ADSR and get this one for FREE!

More info: Parallel Aggressor (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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    • Michal Ochedowski


      The most obvious difference would be more controls. But at the same time more second guessing and wondering which setting is the best. For me this interface is confusing.

      • Yes. The only difference I see is extra settings. Why does this exist? I’m confused. Even the Spank knob is in I Heart NY.

        I might pick this up anyway, just don’t want duplicate plugins. I already have over 120!!

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