Sonuscore Releases FREE Phrases Compilation For NI Kontakt


Sonuscore launches the Black November Sale and releases Sonuscore Phrases Compilation, a free Kontakt library with 85 musical phrases.

Sonuscore Phrases Compilation is a colorful mix of phrases from five different instruments: cello, violin, dong xiao, duduk, and lute. Each instrument features a different musical theme, which is then split up into 17 musical phrases.

Please note that Sonuscore Phrases Compilation requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Starting today till November 11, Sonuscore is offering a whopping 40% discount on their Origins and Phrases products. There is also a 50% off on all Sonuscore bundles.

The Black November Sale is Sonuscore’s biggest sale yet.

The Origins library is fully equipped with string instrument sounds such as the ukulele, steel guitar, 12-string guitar, balalaika, and even a muted piano.

You can choose between a bundle (Origins Volume 1-5) which includes sounds such as Steel Tongue and Sansula, or pick from individual libraries. These are all heavily discounted, at 50% and 40% off, respectively.

Another heavily discounted set of products are the Sonuscore Lyrical and Phrases library. This includes violin, flute, ethnic vocal, lyrical vocal, and cello phrases.

Although Eastern instruments such as the Oudh and Esraj may not be for everybody, the plugins are definitely a lot easier to get your hands on than the real thing.

If you are interested in traditional Chinese, Middle-Eastern, or Indian instruments and want to incorporate them into your music, these are definitely worth checking out. These are also good libraries for producers looking to diversify their sounds.

In case you want to download them all, there is a 50% off on the bundles. The Lyrical bundle consists of violin, vocal, and cello sounds. The Origins bundle comprises Vol 1-5 and includes 10 instruments.

However, it is important to note that these are all plugins for Kontakt, and one needs the full version of Kontakt by Native Instruments. The free demo version is not sufficient as it runs the instrument in demo mode.

Since this is only the first phase of their sale, you can expect lots more coming up on the Sonuscore website. If you have been contemplating getting yourself a copy of Kontakt, then now would be a good time since these are all great deals, and unfortunately, none of them run on the demo or trial version.

Download: Sonuscore Phrases Compilation (requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt)

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  1. Thanks for the info :-)
    According to my account I can download this 20 times before Jan 20. I only need to download it once, but would like to have access to download after Jan 20 as well in case I lose my own backup

  2. Just checked and discovered that one year back sharply Sonuscore gave away Felt Piano (49$), and now they present this nonsense stuff. Disappointing.

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