All BlueLab Audio Plugins Are Now FREE!


BlueLab announced that they have discontinued the development of their products. All BlueLab plugins are now available for FREE while the website remains online.

We covered BlueLab’s free Gain12 plugin four years ago, but this simple gain utility is not exactly a typical example of the developer’s work.

BlueLab developed some rather unique audio tools, including visualizers, audio analyzers, and stereo widening effects.

Some of their plugins are pretty simple and straightforward – like the aforementioned Gain12 effect. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find some more advanced tools like the Infra bass enhancer or the EQHack analyzer.

If my count is correct, there are currently 28 discontinued BlueLab audio tools and effects that you can download for free. You’ll need to add the plugins to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process to access the download links).

There’s no official info on how long these VST plugins will remain available for free. BlueLab stated that “the site will remain online for a while, but without technical support on plugins.”

It’s always sad to see that a developer is discontinuing their work, but we’re nonetheless privileged to get these plugins for free. Thank you BlueLab for creating these audio plugins and we’re hoping to see you back soon!

More info: BlueLab (VST2/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Looks like a TON of useful tools in there! Transient shaper, gain rider, binaural spatializer, etc etc. Wonder how good the audio/effects quality is.

  2. Hi Blue Lab. A few things to consider. A proper readme.txt allowing for redistribution and freeware status, so that some websites could host them in full glory for times immemorial. Focus on only a handful of unique plugins and rebrand yourself as freeware/donations or patreon.
    Anyway, sad to see you go, love to watch you leave. And thanks for all the fish.

    • ControlCentral


      Seriously can’t believe BlueLab has never even crossed my path before or speculate on why that might have been. Unfortunate– it looks like they are doing good work.

  3. Exactly, it’s difficult for a plugin company to grow up and be stronger in this competitive era, however, hope they can come back with a better state in the future!

  4. That`s quite sad indeed, tried some plugins recently, really good. Hope Blue Lab will be successfully restored unless the creator doesn`t want this anymore

  5. Hey guys, thanks for letting know. It’s terrible to see this, of course. Developer not gets anything in return for their hard work…
    Well. I don’t have extra money for donations. Life is hard for some of us.

    • Quality of these is very “meh” (not even gonna talk about their website, which is falling apart), why would you donate to a bad developer? Just because they made their stuff free?
      I’d rather donate to some quality software devs. Just imo, of course.

    • Probably not, and that could be the final nail in their coffin, that decided them to stop investing in development.
      I’m a developer too, and it’s quite hard these days.
      Independant plugins developers cannot afford to invest time into moving from JUICE X to JUICE Y, ar supporting every new MacOS version with their continuous list of deprecated libraries.
      I hate Windows, but only one thing is invaluable : they never drop support for a library.

  6. Maybe they could reuse them in a return as a different company. Shame to see all this stuff go unrewarded. Thanks and good luck anyway :)

  7. I tried downloading this on 2 different browsers,with Windows defender, and firewall off and it failed to download anything half a dozen times. Plus what was downloading seems to be for Mac, so that’s important to mention. Maybe it will download to a Mac.

  8. Some of them are buggy and unstable (for example, Rebalancer i can’t even use since it sets CPU to >250% upon instantiation at 44.1k), but some of them are pretty awesome.

  9. Thank you Tomislav, BPB & BlueLab, these products look awesome, i’m sorry to hear this news tho.
    I read some good ideas in the comments above about ideas the future, kind regards to BlueLab, thank you & best wishes for the future.

  10. I wonder if the developer was hired by a bigger fish and had to close up shop? Would be cool to see the source code for some of these??

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