Lofi Space Is Waves Audio’s FREE Black Friday Plugin


Waves Audio revealed their Black Friday freebie. LoFi Space ($99) is a brand new delay/reverb plugin, and it’s free to download today.

LoFi Space is a reverb and echo plugin with a lo-fi character. It features a saturated echo module and two analog reverb modes (Plate and Spring).

It does everything a standard delay plugin would do (BPM synchronization, stereo ping pong mode, etc.), but with a distinct lo-fi flavor.

Here’s how Waves Audio describes their latest release:

“Lofi Space is the perfect effect for those attention-grabbing ear candy moments. With bright saturated delay and two flavors of analog-based spring and plate reverb, Lofi Space lets you add splashes of vintage ‘verb color and bold analog echo to your tracks. Instantly, without tweaking, you can create deep, gorgeous lofi-tinged effects suited for any production in need of that vintage touch.”

I haven’t tested the plugin (so much work today), but that GUI looks gorgeous. I’d literally put that on my desktop. Wonderful design.

I hope the sound is equally good (or bad, but in a good way).

LoFi Space is free to download only today. It will cost $99 after Black Friday.

To claim your free LoFi Space license, visit the product page linked below and click the “Get it FREE” button. Enter your email address, and you should receive your personal license key.

Please note that you’ll need to download and install Waves Central to activate LoFi Space.

More info: Waves LoFi Space (FREE on Black Friday)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I don’t know if it’s different for anyone else, but I can’t get onto the waves site at the minute.

    Surely waves wouldn’t use this as a marketing stunt and call it the free plugin that “broke the internet”.

  2. I hope they have enough shame to extend the download options tomorrow as well. Because the number of licenses is supposedly limited. Poor service.

  3. I feel confused by the purpose/aesthetic Waves™ is going for with this plugin. Is the plugin supposed to look like an 80s/90s videogame console or battery powered digital synth? What does “lofi” mean in this context? It seems more like a $9.00 plugin (when it’s not free), not a $99.99 plugin :/

    • Even waves is always on sale,a waves plugin won’t be such cheap,becuase it’s the great waves!even an one knob plugin will cost you about $20.

    • Althoug waves is always on sale,a waves plugin won’t be such cheap,becuase it’s the great waves!even an one knob plugin will cost you about $20.

  4. Waves.com is down, link is unreachable. Sucks! A whole lot of hassle about a free plugin and when I want to dwonload it there not available… If you offer something you should deliver

  5. Yeah, not exactly working out too well yet – still haven’t even gotten the email link or anything in my Waves Central online register. Site is acting peculiar still, too.

  6. Thanks but there is no free plugin if you have to pay for its updates. You are actually signing a planned obsolescence contract. Long ago I said goodbye to Waves for this reason

  7. antti maatteri


    i got it, installed it – it comes with v13 of the waves-central – then i tried to test it in ableton, bitwig and renoise.
    only renoise managed to show it in the plugin folders. i treid 3 reisntalls and repairs, noc chance. then i searched for the vst3 or dll file and couldnt find it. then i tried to give it a new isntall direction via v13 wavescentral, but theres no option for it, just for the preset and wavescentral crap. then i tried to unisntall it via the central, no option.
    so i decided TO DELETE that hell of a crappy v13 with revo uninstaller with all the other crap.
    i didnt even give a damn about the other waves plugins i have and use every now and then, like berzerk elements and codex…but to my total surprise.
    these still work. so i guessed the real problem is just v13 of waves central…at least on my comp.

    anyway, the testrun of lofi in renoise went well, but neither presets nor the imo really ugly cheapo looking gui turned me on…

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