Animoog Z Is A FREE iOS/macOS Synthesizer App By Moog


Moog Music launches Animoog Z, a free 16-voice polyphonic wavetable synthesizer for iOS and macOS.

Animoog Z is the new and improved version of the award-winning 2011 synthesizer Animoog by Moog music. It is available for FREE on the app store for both iOS and macOS.

10 years ago, the Animoog made a name for itself as one of the most advanced apps available at the time. It had a fresh X/Y vector-based navigation and display system for manipulating wavetables.

The sound is based on Moog samples, and the input method is a keyboard. The touch-based keyboard is nice and comfortable for any iPhone or iPad user. Though the original Animoog was a wonder that worked on a device as humble as a Blackberry, it would not be spectacular by today’s standards if not for the new upgrades.

The most striking new feature is the addition of an entire dimension in the editor. The X/Y vector navigation is now an X/Y/Z system (hence the name Animoog Z). You can navigate through the soundscape in 3D and edit every parameter in the different axes, making it fantastically versatile.

Animoog Z screenshot (iPadOS).

Animoog Z screenshot (iPadOS).

The polyphony now has 16 voices instead of the initial 4, and the timbre tab can now have custom timbres that you can record. The Envelope and LFO page has 2 new LFOs and tons more customization options for the envelopes.

Modulation in the Animoog Z has 10 different modulation slots for better personalization than the original Animoog with 4 slots. The effects page has separate controls for all five effects; Arpeggiator, Thick, Delay, Looper, and Filter.

The Animoog Z is available in the AUv3 format for compatibility with the maximum number of devices. You can seamlessly switch from your iPad or iPhone to your macOS laptop, operating with a single account.

There is also a VST plugin wrapper (a separate download) with support for AUv2, AUv3, and VST3, meaning that the Animoog Z can work with any modern DAW. It is also compatible with any macOS device, whether it has an Intel CPU or an Apple M1 chip.

To watch the Animoog Z in action LIVE, check out this performance by Suzanne Ciani:

Note that the free version of the synthesizer has limited functionality. A ‘full upgrade’ option is available for $9.99 as an in-app purchase to unlock all features.

With such a feature-packed and masterful plugin, there is great demand for a Windows-compatible version but, so far, that has not become a reality. Windows and Android users will have to wait and watch if Moog decides to port this powerful synth or not.

Download: Animoog Z (FREE virtual synthesizer for iOS & macOS)

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