Gentle Keys By Splash Sound Is FREE For A Limited Time


Gentle Keys sound library by Splash Sound is now available for FREE (earlier $58)! The offer is only valid till January 10th, 2022. Simply go to their website, add it to your shopping cart, then use your account to complete the transaction.

Gentle Keys was launched in 2018 and has gained a lot of popularity since. You can use it on everything from a simple piano ballad to a full-fledged cinematic soundtrack. And now you can get this fantastic Kontakt instrument for free!

This excellent piano-based instrument library is versatile and comes with seven different piano sounds: dry, dark, vintage, piano and strings, pop, romantic, and jazz. I found the ‘piano and strings’ and the ‘romantic piano’ patches sound really fun and convenient because it has cool background strings playing in the background, which act like pads.

It adds an epic orchestral vibe to the track. This can be really fun and helpful if you are making a movie score or just want to jam.

However, the features don’t just end there. Gentle Keys also provides you with many customizable parameters that let you sculpt the sound according to your purpose. There’s the Tone block where you can change the touch sensitivity of the keys to suit your MIDI keyboard. Then there’s the Main block, where you can change the balance of microphones yourself for more accurate adjustments inside your mix.

You can also control the stereo presence of the instrument through the Stereo block. And the inbuilt Solid Bus Compressor is another feature that can help save time without adding another plugin.

In the Additional layers section, you can add or completely turn off the sounds of the piano mechanics to your taste. It also lets you control the mixing of the padding layer. To top it all, there is a Vintage Tape Saturator which enables you to add a classic feel using tape saturation or turn off the unit if you’re going for a modern sound. There’s even a 3-band EQ onboard, so you can quickly take care of any tonal issues.

Note that Gentle Keys is compatible with Kontakt Full 5.6.8 or higher and won’t work with the free Kontakt Player. The samples take up 1.1 GB once installed. And if you don’t have an account with Splash Sound, you’ll have to sign up for one.

Gentle Keys is a fantastic addition to any home producer’s ever-growing list of sample libraries, especially when you’re getting it for free! With lush tones and a host of onboard FX, it’s perfect for various genres.

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Download: Gentle Keys (FREE until January 10th, requires Native Instruments Kontakt)

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    • Before complaining I suggest you understand first what is a sampler and what is a library. And also how specifically the model of kontakt works and is used. As this post is about a free (for limited time) library for the kontakt sampler.

      This is like a free preset pack for a virtual synth like serum for instance. Obviously serum is not free. That doesn’t mean a preset pack or a library, like in this case, being free implies the software it needs to be able to be used has to be free too.

  1. Thanks Anshul, anything from Native Instruments is a no go for me.

    David Hilowitz “Decent Sampler” is a great free Kontact alternative we can all get behind. Long live Decent Sampler!

    Btw, there are now over 100 high quality sample libraries available in the “Decent Sampler” file format on the Piano Book website. :-)

  2. Congrats on your newly attained fatherhood!!
    I was wondering what was going on since there was no activity here and I’ve been receiving random previous editions of BPB emails over the past couple of weeks. So I’m glad all is okay and happy for you and your family! Happy new year!

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