Ambience Enhancer Lite Is A FREE Sound Field Plugin By NovoNotes


NovoNotes have released Ambience Enhancer Lite, a completely FREE sound field plugin for macOS. This launch comes just before the full version of the plugin (Ambience Enhancer Standard) is released.

Ambience Enhancer is a unique plugin that isolates the aspects of your input that contribute to the ambiance it creates. It can edit the isolated elements while keeping the direct sound untouched. This makes the plugin ideal for making your sound fit a particular setting or mood. It has great potential in not only songs but music production in general.

Ambience Enhancer has three settings on its UI – Ambience Gain, Ambience Low Pass, and Ambience Delay. These settings may sound generic, but the valuable aspect is how it isolates only the ambient effect of the input and applies gain, low pass, and delay to it.

Aside from the ambient effect, nothing else in the sound is changed by Ambience Enhancer. No artificial effects or reverb is added to the signal. The plugin adds its three effects by decomposing the input, specifically editing the ambiance that it separates.

With Ambience Enhancer, you can make a recording taken in your home studio sound like it was done in a stadium or vice versa. You can also edit background music in any of your productions to match the video’s vibe or imagery. For example, a scene with open fields and a cool breeze can have music that feels like it was recorded there, with a lush ambiance.

Ambience Enhancer has a sleek, modern interface that looks gorgeous. It is all black with neon blue and purple markings. The sound levels are represented by concentric waves in white, the same color as the text. It looks aesthetic, and it’s effortless to navigate.

Ambience Enhancer Lite is the free version, but it has all the functionalities of the standard version, which is yet to release. The only limitation is you can use 2-channel audio (stereo).

Ambience Enhancer Standard will cost you $88 once released, which unlocks up to 24 channels. That’s perfect for multi-layered, multi-dimensional mixes where you need full control over your sound field.

So the lite version is the perfect starting point to decide if you need the full version, and for most, the stereo version would likely suffice.

The only gripe is that this is only available on macOS right now, with no Windows version just yet. It comes in the AU and VST3 formats, and an AAX version is coming soon. The download size is just 17 MB, and there’s no sign-up required – you just have to enter your email address to receive the download.

If you’re on macOS and you were looking for a free plugin to control and enhance your sound field, then you’re definitely in luck. Ambience Enhancer seems like a promising solution with an intuitive design, but alas, I’ll have to wait for a Windows version.

UPDATE: Our reader Daniel V. reports that Ambient Enhancer does not work with Logic Pro X 10.4.8.

Download: Ambience Enhancer Lite (VST3/AU plugin format for macOS)

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Anshul Jain is a content writer and session guitarist from India. An avid fan of rock and metal, he is 1/6th of the progressive act Black Flower.


  1. Thanks Anshul, BPB & Happy New Year 😊

    I’m not sure how to contact NovoNotes, but system requirements say MacOS 11.
    I have MacOS 13 (High Sierra) & unfortunately this audio plug-in does not work in Ableton Live or Logic Pro.
    Only the AU shows in Live but the plug-in doesn’t open.
    Logic Pro plug-in manager says the plug-in is unverified & is not ticked in the menu.

    I hope this info helps & look forward to an update that will work on my system 🙏

    • The developer chose to not be backwards compatible with 10.x MacOS is all. You’re confusing 10.13 with 11.x versions of MacOS. I can confirm the plugin fails to initialize on High Sierra but does work under Big Sur (tried VST3 only).

      • As they’ve added
        “The current version, v1.0.1, doesn’t work on macOS 10.15 or earlier.
        Our development team is working on this issue.
        We hope you will wait for the update announcement.
        You can subscribe to our newsletter on our website.”

      • Thanks for your help Kid. I notice the description for NovoNotes – Ambience Enhancer Lite has been updated & is now more detailed (in the link from BPB to Gumroad .com).
        Also on Gumroad, i notice a link to NovoNotes website, so anyone interested in future updates can subscribe to NovoNotes email newsletter here:

        I’m hoping the NovoNotes development team can build a compatible unit for older systems 🙏

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