Numb Dark Acoustic Guitar Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds launched a new offer where you can get the Numb – Dark Acoustic Guitar by New Nation for FREE (retail $19) at checkout with any paid purchase on their website. The offer is valid all through January 2022.

Numb – Dark Acoustic Guitar is a sample-based instrument plugin. It was created using recordings from 14 individual guitars and their fret noises.

The plugin consists of four sampler engines that can run simultaneously. You can blend the results from the sampler engines to get unique and exciting combinations.

The Main Effects section features a range of FX and several knobs, including:

  • Filter – A high and low pass filter;
  • Waves – A tempo synchronized LFO module;
  • Feel – An EQ band that allows you to control the nature of low to mid-range frequencies;
  • Artifacts – Controls the nature of higher frequencies; it is also an EQ band;
  • Reverb and Delay, each with a full range of controls;
  • Presets – 15 presets are included, and you can also save your own.

Numb allows you to tinker with the four different sampler engines together. You can choose the instrument for a given guitar from among 14 options and adjust pan and gain, and bypass any voice if you’re not using it. The bottom section controls each effect’s ‘wet’ knob, so you can quickly adjust their volume in the mix. You also have the global gain kob here.

The controls are simple enough to make tone-hunting quick and easy, yet they offer enough options to customize your output.

The UI looks neat, simple, and perhaps a bit dated, but it gets the job done and would work smoothly even on older computers. Since everything is on a single page, there’s no need to scroll or open several pages, so it does make navigation easier!

You can check out a quick demo of the plugin here (demo starts at 3:59!):

Numb – Dark Acoustic Guitar is available in the VST3 and AU formats for macOS and Windows, so it should work with all DAWs except Pro Tools. However, some customer reviews at ADSR complain about a lack of Mac-compatible downloads after purchase.

As a guitarist, I did not find the samples highly realistic, but they sound dark, smooth, and subtle, which suits their purpose. So if you’re planning on getting something at ADSR this month, this is undoubtedly a great freebie to go alongside it.

Play a diminished arpeggio using this, and you’ll get some eerie vibes for sure!

More info: Numb – Dark Acoustic Guitar (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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