Plugin Boutique Offers These FREE Production Tools With Any Purchase


Plugin Boutique enters 2022 with some more freebies in their January Gifts promotion.

January Gifts offers a choice of three products as a free gift with any qualifying purchase throughout January 2022.

As always, a qualifying purchase is a paid product only, and you cannot pay it for entirely with a coupon or virtual cash (anything under 100% is OK).

This time, the products on offer are DJ Swivel Spread, CloudBounce, and Iceberg Audio Beatgrader.

DJ Swivel Spread

Spread by DJ Swivel is a stereo imaging plugin.

Spread by DJ Swivel is a stereo imaging plugin.

DJ Swivel (Jordan Young) is a Canadian, Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer who has worked with Beyonce, Kanye West, and many others. His latest plugin release is Spread (£34.96 value), a multi-band stereo imager.

Spread is designed to give you a quick and easy way to widen your signal and make room for everything in your mix. It comes with a simple GUI, and global widen knob that will affect all bands.

Of course, being a multi-band plugin, you can be more flexible and offset specific areas. It offers a different approach to something like Spread or Spread Light from Yum Audio.


CloudBounce is a subscription-based automated mastering platform. A three-month subscription would typically cost £39.95, with annual and lifetime plans also available.

Mastering is obviously a vital step towards putting out the best music possible and a step that is still often overlooked.

Whatever your take on automated mastering, it’s fair to say with platforms like this one and Mastering.Studio, improvements have been made. It seems like an easy choice; if you have music to release soon, it could be a great time to try CloudBounce. Otherwise, go for one of the others.

Iceberg Audio Beatgrader

I first came across Iceberg Audio when I got The Sub as a freebie last year, and I thought it was pretty cool. Since then, I’ve been interested to see what comes next, and here they are with Beatgrader.

Beatgrader (£13.96 value) allows you to select a resampling frequency to remove high-end detail. You’re left with that lo-fi, underwater sound that many producers and beatmakers love.

It’s a sound that producer/beatmaker Noah James Shabib (40) had tremendous success with on multiple Drake tracks. It’s also a sound that walks a thin line; it’s been done a lot, so people lose interest fast if you get it wrong. But, get it right, and you’ll be cooler than Drake’s dancing in the Hotline Bling video.

It’s great to be kicking off January with another month of gifts from Plugin Boutique; long may it continue!

More info: Plugin Boutique (FREE plugin with any purchase until January 31st, 2021)

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