Abstract Crystal Pads Is A FREE Pad Generator By SampleScience


SampleScience has released a new VST plugin (also available as a sound library in multiple formats) called Abstract Crystal Pads, and it’s completely FREE!

Abstract Crystal Pads is a collection of thirty abstract pads. It’s perfect for video projects and ambient music. SampleScience has released it in several different versions:

  • Plugin Version
  • Decent Sampler Version
  • Reason ReFill Version
  • Kontakt Full 5/6 Version

Plugin Version

The Abstract Crystal Pads plugin version features the following:

  • Thirty abstract pads – rearrangeable and with various effects
  • A Multi-LFO allows you to control and target modulations precisely
  • Room reverb
  • Low-pass and High-pass filters
  • ASDR controls, along with two extra options of Preamp and Glide
  • Multiple voice modes – Legato, monophonic, and polyphonic

The plugin is available in the VST/AU formats for 64-bit hosts (Windows and macOS).

Decent Sampler Version

The Decent Sampler version is similar to the plugin version with the same 30 sample pads, but it allows you to apply some different effects not available in the plugin version. It’s also got sound-shifting capabilities.

Decent Sampler is free and is available on all platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows, and iOS in the VST3, VST, AU, AAX, AUv3 formats. A standalone software version is also available.

Reason ReFill Version

To run this version, you need Reason12 and Reason+. The Reason ReFill Version allows you to apply delay and EQ to 30 different combinators.

Kontakt Version

You can run this version if you have the latest and full version of Kontakt 5 or 6. Kontakt Player is not supported.

It includes most of the options present in the plugin version, including ADSR, filters, and effects like delay, reverb, and chorus.

Here’s an audio demo of the various pads available here:

The sounds range from soft, shimmering hums to larger-than-life orchestral pads that sound like they belong in a sci-fi movie. You’ve got some eerie soundscapes in here as well. All the sounds are royalty-free, so you can use them in any commercial production as you see fit.

Abstract Crystal Pads comes with a light, minimalistic UI that looks beautiful across all its versions. It’s a very efficient software that should run well on just about any machine, especially considering its broad compatibility.

If you need some calm ambiance for your next track, Abstract Crystal Pads is likely a fantastic and completely free option to look at. SampleScience has released some amazing software and libraries in the past, and this is another excellent freebie with exceptional sound quality.

Download: Abstract Crystal Pads (VST/AU plugin format, WAV, Decent Sampler, Reason, Kontakt sampler formats)

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  1. Thanks Anshul, great to see this in the Decent Sampler format. Thanks Sample Science, some great ambient textures here.

  2. Works on Mac OSX 10.10! I think it could be very useful,
    carefully crafted sounds to apply into any music production.
    I like such kind of audio stuffs, very impressive and spacey.

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