Bitwig Studio 8-Track Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Bitwig Studio 8-Track is FREE with every purchase at Plugin Boutique throughout March.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track is a trimmed-down version of the full Bitwig Studio software.

It offers the same workflow as the full version in a more compact 8-track environment. I guess the first question would be, why would a streamlined version be of interest to anyone?

For a start, it’s free, which means you can get a feel for the Bitwig Studio workflow without any financial commitment. Plus, it could be a great starting point for anyone new to working with a DAW. In the same way that many beginners transition from Garageband to Logic Pro over time.

Despite a smaller feature set, trimmed versions of any software can sometimes be a faster way to work in the right situation. Bitwig describes Studio 8-Track as the sketch pad for your musical ideas, so getting ideas down fast and easy seems to be the concept.

It allows up to eight tracks (audio/MIDI), two effects tracks, two group tracks, eight scenes, and two VST plugins. That’s the foundation of your project in Bitwig Studio 8-Track.

Beyond that, you have everything you need to sketch out an idea, including a combined 86 instruments, effects, note FX, and modulators.

Sampler, Polysynth, and Drum Machine are featured, along with a collection of 31 FX devices.

There are 18 modulators (LFO, ADSR, Macro, and more) and CV/Gate control.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track has some nice core instruments like the Bösendorfer Grand Piano Light and Wurlitzer E-piano. There are hundreds of presets for the included instruments making it easier to get started.

On top of instruments and effects, you get a decent range of loops and sample content. If you are newer to using a DAW or music creation in general, Studio 8-Track offers some useful templates.

As I’ve said before, I’m pretty stuck in my ways with Logic Pro, so the interesting thing to me will be getting a hands-on look at the Bitwig workflow.

As always, with Plugin Boutique giveaways, it’s free with any qualifying purchase, which must be a paid product. You can’t pay in full with a voucher or virtual cash, but anything less than 100% is OK.

Remember, Plugin Boutique has some 10th Anniversary deals that spill over into March, too.

More info: Bitwig Studio 8-Track (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Puremagnetik is giving away a free sound pack every day this week, fits most sample formats. They will announce it on Twitter and their Instagram account, today is:

  2. As I understand this is Bitwig 8-Track (v 4.1.6). Bitwig 8 track has been given away free several times in the past, but that doesn’t allow for upgrade to the latest version, so this is a great deal for getting up to date. Bitwig is IMO the DAW best suited for Linux

    • What exactly do you mean the latest version ? Big updates like v3 to v4 or minor updates ? Because I got it just right after v4 was released and was always able to download latest versions, betas included.

      • As far as I understand from my account , Bitwig offer upgrade coverage for one year only. I bought Bitwig Eight track February 2021, so I have had coverage until February 2022, including the latest 4.1.6 version. But when Bitwig release 4.1.7+ I am not covered for that upgrade, so this freebie offer at PB is handy as I believe it will give me another year of coverage at no cost.

        • Sorry for the late reply. Oh, I see. Well, I just checked it and I actually got it when version 3.3.7 was around so my year apparently ends this 31 of march. I will check what happens after that date then.

          Thank you very much for such a good explaining and reply, and sorry again for such a late reply on my part.


  3. So uh, is this version seriously limiting you to 2 VSTs? 8 tracks is enough for a sketch IMO, but only 2 VSTs? Come on…

    • I think of it as a “band in a box” It comes with several IMO top of the line plugs included like the Polysynth and FM4

    • Crazy Jake McGee


      A limited daw seems fairly pointless to me, and upgrade plans are things I avoid like the plague (The original plague, not the 2019 reboot.)

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