Plugin Boutique Celebrates 10th Anniversary With No-Brainer Deals!


Plugin Boutique has completed its 10th year of providing the community with incredible deals on music production software. This February, they are offering some of the best deals possible with their 10th Anniversary Sale.

Also, don’t forget that Arturia Analog Lab Intro is FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique this month.

To save you some time, we’ve done a rundown of some of the best deals on offer right now. Please note that the article includes affiliate links.

Plugin Boutique 10th Anniversary Bundle (96% off)

Plugin Boutique’s 10th Anniversary Bundle includes three plugins: Union, Multibender, and Convex; all three are very popular and feature-packed. They add up to $278 when bought individually, but they are currently on offer for a whopping $10 bundle (for all three).

SoundSpot Union is a wavetable synthesizer. You can use Union to create unique wavetables using its oscillators and achieve some really cool sounds.

W.A Production Multibender is a delay plugin. It has four individual delay modules working simultaneously, which are all synced to the tempo of your DAW project file. It also has multi-band processing.

Glitchmachines Convex is a multi-effects processor that helps you create dark, dissonant, and atypical soundscapes. It’s a powerful plugin with a ton of versatility for controlling your mix.

iZotope Bestseller Sale

The ten best-selling plugins by iZotope are on sale, and they are available for just $10 each, while their actual price ranges from $100 – $200. The deal products are:

  • Break Tweaker Expanded – Drum machine – 95% off
  • Stutter Edit 2 – Multi-effect – 94% off
  • Excalibur – Multi-effect – 93% off
  • Iris2 – Synth – 93% off
  • Nectar Elements – Vocal Processing – 92% off
  • Neutron 3 Elements – Channel Strip – 92% off
  • Ozone Elements – Mastering – 92% off
  • RX Elements – Audio Restoration – 92% off
  • PhoenixVerb Stereo – Reverb – 89% off
  • Trash 2 + Expansions – Distortion – 89% off

And what if you need all of them? There’s a bundle that includes all 10 of these plugins for just $50 (50% OFF from buying separately)!

Softube Sale

The Softube sale has slashed the price of 76 different products developed by Softube and put them all up at $15 per product. The discount percentages vary from 14% to 76%, which means some are much more valuable than others.

The sale includes plugins like Fix Flanger and Doubler, Summit Audio EQF- 100, American Class A, FET compressor, and much more.

They also have an exclusive sale where they are offering Acoustic Feedback, Spring Reverb, and Tube Delay for $10 each.

Plugin Boutique 10th Anniversary Bundle 2 (78% off)

Plugin Boutique’s second 10th-anniversary bundle includes a total of ten plugins, which would cost you $412.99 if bought individually. They are currently on offer as a bundle for just $89. The plugins available in this pack are:

  • BLEASS Slow Machine – A plugin that can slow down and deepen any input signal
  • Atma – An instrument plugin that is based on sounds that composer Brian D’Oliveira encountered on his travels to holy sites
  • Shape Shifter – A unique dynamic remodeler
  • Polaris – A well-known reverb/echo solution
  • OptoRED -A transparent Optical Attenuator
  • Distinct – For complex distortion
  • Palindrome – Sampler
  • Dubstation 2 – A best-selling delay solution
  • Simple Concept – An instrument plugin for soft synths
  • Bold – An instrument plugin with Drums, FX, Vox, Keys, and Bass

FLASH SALE: RC-20 Retro Color

RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio.

RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio.

RC-20 Retro Color is available for only $19 during Plugin Boutique’s flash sale. The sale ends on February 6th!

Even if you haven’t been planning to buy any new plugins, some of these discounts are simply too good to be let up. So go browse the collection, and get what you can before the end of the month.

More info: Plugin Boutique

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    • Dammit, this is the worst time to be having financial issues. At least I have some alternatives, so I guess I’m not totally missing out. Anyone have any particular recommendations as alternatives to RC-20? Especially free ones. I feel like I may have missed some in my searches.

    • RC-20 has a channel strip workflow and flux controls which add level variations. But there are good components in the recent giveaways: Arturia Mello-Fi, Softube Dirty Tape, Yum Flux Light, Yum LoFi Pitch Dropout. Denise Noize Retro was free a while back. Further, the permanent freebies Caelum Tape Cassette, Chow Tape, Cymatics Origin, iZotope Vinyl. And many freebies for saturation, distortion, bitcrush.
      Looking wider, perhaps build your own with Kilohearts Snap Heap (with previous snapin giveaways Pitch Shifter, Distortion), Unfiltered Audio Fault and Dent (free at mega sale), HY-FX CM (free with Computer Music).

  1. As far as Multi fx is concerned am more aligned towards Unfiltered Audio Byome… Waiting for Mega sale 20Off… RC 20 of course is a cool plugin but we can do that from other plugins as mentioned above… The LFO section of Byome take it above this… By the way Phoenix Verb, Izotope RX elements seems to be worthy buy for $10…

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