Spitfire Audio Releases FREE Astral Forms For LABS


Spitfire Audio releases Astral Forms, the newest addition to the LABS sound collection.

If you aren’t yet familiar with LABS, please go and check it out now. It’s a collection of free virtual instruments from Spitfire Audio. Coming from Spitfire Audio means that these instruments are very cinematic in nature.

I can’t stress enough just how good this collection is, considering it’s all free! All instruments function inside the free Spitfire Audio plugin.

The free Spitfire Audio plugin has a straightforward instrument, and with the help of a few MIDI faders, you can create stunning results with these sounds.

Astral Forms is the latest addition, and it’s a mixture of sounds created with vocals, double bass, electric guitar, saxophones, and other instruments. The theme is ethereal, and ethereal sounds lend themselves perfectly to majestic triumph, pensive reflection, and many things in between.

One of the things that Spitfire Audio does very well with LABS instruments is that they convey the essence of the sound perfectly in a short demo. I’d struggle to select any LABS instrument, play the demo track, and not think it sounds beautiful.

Of course, demos are meant to sound great, and they don’t guarantee that every idea will work so well. But, it does show that with a good idea, and decent application, these sounds are good enough for serious projects.

Another beautifully cinematic sound worth mentioning here is the free Woven Strings from Jon Meyer Sounds. You’ll need a full version of Kontakt for this one.

LABS created astral Forms in collaboration with Abram Wilson, a charity that helps provide opportunities for underrepresented young talent (Abram Wilson is also an award-winning musician). If you have a spare few minutes, you could check out the website.

There are many LABS instruments, but the release that came just before Astral Forms went a little under the radar. That instrument is Glass Piano, and it’s taken from the piano of legendary film composer Phillip Glass.

Thank you, Spitfire Audio, for another great addition to the LABS collection.

Download: LABS Astral Forms


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