IK Multimedia Syntronik V-80 Is FREE Until March 17th


Audio Plugin Deals offers the Syntronik V-80  ($49 value) virtual instrument by IK Multimedia as a free download until March 17th, 2022.

Syntronik V-80 is an expansion pack for the free Syntronik 2 CS virtual instrument by IK Multimedia. The expansion is based on several legendary Yamaha analog synthesizers, including the Yamaha CS-80, GX-1, and CS-01 models.

These analog synths are the backbone of some iconic soundtracks, such as the original Blade Runner and Dune. And this reminds me how I still can’t get over the fact that the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack wasn’t assigned to a younger electronic music artist (Hans Zimmer is a living legend, the Interstellar Docking Scene is everything, by I think that Blade Runner 2049 needed something different).

Back on topic, the Syntronik 2 CS plugin comes with 2.4 GB of sample content, and 100 presets. You can now expand that collection for free with the Syntronik V-80 add-on, which would typically cost you $49.

“The Syntronik V-80 is based on the classic Yamaha CS-80, GX-1, and CS-01 synths. Manufactured from 1976—1980, the CS-80 was Yamaha’s flagship take on the analog polysynth. The CS-80’s voice architecture is an exercise in layering, filtering, and modulation. Each selectable-shape oscillator has its own high pass and low pass filter and envelope controls.”

Despite being a sample-based instrument, Syntronik is highly customizable. The interface closely resembles a synthesizer, with adjustable filters, envelopes, and modulation.

Of course, sampling a complex synthesizer like the CS-80 will never match the flexibility of the original, but Syntronik V-80 is more customizable than most other sample-based instruments on the market.

To claim your free copy of the Syntronik V-80 add-on, visit the promo page linked below and complete the checkout process. The free download offer ends on March 17th, 2022.

You will also need to install the Syntronik 2 CS instrument from IK Multimedia. Syntronik 2 CS is available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

IK Multimedia offers several Syntronik upgrades, including Syntronik 2 SE (€149.99), Syntronik 2 (€299.99), and Syntronik 2 MAX (€399.99).

For more virtual instruments, visit our free VST instruments article.

More info: Syntronik V-80 (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I already got V-80,but with old Syntronik,I checked evething is on Syntronik now.IK really don’t care about the feelings of old users

    • It is a mix of Syntronik 1 and 2 presets. Everything is installed in SampleTank3 folder, so you have to add that folder to a Library list in Syntronik 2

  2. Ummmmm…..Benjamin Wallfisch is younger and co-composed the soundtrack. And they used a CS-80. They wanted to use original sounds but make it more contemporary. Which they did and it’s glorious.

  3. Audio Plug in Deals moves slower than mud lol. I hit place order and it took so long it said, session expired. Start over Lol

  4. I installed Syntronik 2 CS but Product Manager would not let me install V80 until I installed Sampletank?
    It might be me but I always have problems downloading, installing and authorising IK Multimedia software, dont have problems with any other software, just IK Multimedia …

    • lmao i unfortunately have to agree. why sampletank? i guess there is no way around installing this and uninstalling it after?
      the fact that you can only download samples for 180 is something i guess i’ll never understand

  5. Everything installed, updated, etc and I can’t find this thing anywhere LOL Maybe support will reply before April

    • I have already put this comment earlier: It is a mix of Syntronik 1 and 2 presets. Everything is installed in SampleTank3 folder, so you have to add that folder to a Library list in Syntronik 2

  6. Damian Lynch


    Agree with you Tomislav about BR2049 S/T – but they did orignally use a younger artist in the now sadly deceased Johann Johannson, whose initial work was rejected for reasons given that they wanted something more in keeping with the original film’s Vangelis score. Zimmer was a reliable but safe alternative – I still think what might have been with Johannson’s original score – he was a fantastic musician and composer.

  7. Once email is sent with license, register new products in IK manager and it’s installed. Somehow, I couldn’t grasp this simple thing for an hour waking. Perhaps this helps anyone confused.

  8. thanks for this. where do the sounds get downloaded to? weird enough that one has to back these up, but where does the download end up?

  9. The serial # I received was already used by someone else. I contacted Audio Plugin Deals. Hopefully they can work it out and hope their support actually responds quickly before the offer ends, or they run out of serials. If they don’t respond right away, I may just create another account with them and order it again. It see that my current account already has this, but it won’t let me get it again.

    • I believe it’s like 180 days to ‘download again’, or ‘on other machines’. Might be mistaken, I’m unsure. Then they can make you buy it again, after those months; which makes me mad lol

      • You can always download the VST Plugins but after 180 Days you have to buy a “Sounds Download Reactivation Credit” to download the sounds again. (12 Bucks) So save your sounds on your Hard Disk.

  10. Because no one reads answers, here it is again:

    Syntronik 2 V-80 is a mix of Syntronik 1 and 2 presets. Everything is installed in SampleTank3 folder, so you have to add that folder to a Library list in Syntronik 2.

    Because in Syntronic 1 the Sampletank was the only way to really edit presets (eg. change samples, not only tweak parameters) Syntronic 1 presets requires that Sampletank 3 is installed

    In Syntronik 2 you can play both Syntronik 1 and 2 presets, but you can edit only Syntronik 2 presets.

    Licence that is given, covers just Syntronik 2, so in Syntronik 1 or in Sampletank you can not authorize these presets, and consequently you can NOT edit Syntronik 1 presets, just play them in Syntronik 2

  11. I had to update my SampleTank 4 and re-install V-80 Sound Content, now it works and it sounds pretty good.

  12. Currently getting a message that it can’t add to the cart “because the product is out of stock”. Hope they’ll fix the problems soon enough! At least they are working on it.

  13. Right now i can’t even add it to the cart, as i get an error message saying that the product is out of stock! Was this supposed to be a limited amount offer only?? Or will they replenish the stock?

  14. Hey! IK Multimedia also giveaway Triple Rectifier for free till 28 March, just subscribe their newsletter. Share it to the world Tom!

  15. Tried to use the serial today, but told it was already used by another user. Tried to order the product again at APD, to get a new serial, but getting told at checkout that the offer is now longer available, I thought it would run until March 17?
    Contacted APD support hoping to get a new unique serial.
    This is the second time in a couple of months I have had this trouble with free offers at ADP, that their free proucts aren’t actually working or available :-(

  16. J-60 is free with the new issue of Computer Music (CM307) published today

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