Kilohearts Slice EQ Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds offer the Slice EQ ($79 value) plugin by Kilohearts as a FREE add-on with every purchase throughout March.

March seems to be a pretty good month for freebies and deals already.

We have massive discounts on Pulsar Echorec, Bitwig Studio 8-Track free at Plugin Boutique, along with other deals from their 10th Anniversary Sale running into March. One such deal is 89% off the SSL Native FlexVerb (ends March 7th), which I’m mentioning as a reminder to myself, as well as the readers.

Add REmatrix Player and the Blackstar Studio IR Collection to all of the above, and that’s my shopping list for now.

Slice EQ (usually $79) is an advanced parametric EQ plugin from Kilohearts. I have a little experience with Kilohearts from the Slate Digital All Access Bundle, and I like the functionality of things like Snap Heap. Slice EQ is compatible with Snap Heap for added functionality.

Slice EQ has six parametric filter types, any of which can be set to slope up to 96dB/octave. It also features a Spectrum Analyzer, frequency spectrum referencing, and mid/side processing. You can adjust the resolution of the spectrum view and Falloff rate.

Obviously, performance comes first, but It seems that much of Slice EQ’s appeal is centered around the interface. Kilohearts generally create plugins that can quickly get you where you need to be, and Slice EQ seems to follow that trend.

The GUI is full-resizable, but it goes a step further by allowing you to increase/decrease the size of certain aspects within the GUI. However you set it up, the layout is pretty straightforward.

The main window is where you shape your EQ curve by adding and adjusting up to 32 stereo filters.

The GUI has two toolbars, one on the left (vertical) and one along the top. The vertical toolbar is where you select different tools and editing controls, while the top toolbar is where you make changes to the currently selected tool. I think small things like separating the two toolbars make for much faster use rather than adding layers to one toolbar.

I see a few common complaints mostly centered around Dynamic EQ and the lack of a band solo function. Based on my previous use of Kilohearts products, and the common opinion shared by users, Slice EQ should be an excellent addition for anyone.

Slice EQ is available in AU, VST, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows

More info: Kilohearts Slice EQ ($79 value, FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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  1. Thank you James!

    Everybody, don’t sleep on this, I got it a while back with a Computer Music magazine promotion and it’s an insane EQ.

    • could you personally compare it to fabfilter pro-q 3? if so, would you say it is smarter in any regards than pro-q 3, or maybe rather clumsier in some ways?
      from just watching the linked video in the article it looks as if slice eq offers more or less the same functions with just different gui, which of course could make a big difference, positive or negative, depending on personal workflow or any other small personal preferences.

      for some time i think there was no real competitor to the fabfilter eq, but now there are actually a couple of eqs out there that seem to be on par with pro-q 3.
      but having spent the money on pro-q 3 i would not change probably, because i am quite happy with it.

      • Michal Ochedowski


        Slice EQ has inconvenient interface with details regarding all bands located on the right side. Also no solo functionality, which is definitely a big deal for a lot of users. As far as I know there is no way to create a new filter, by double-clicking anywhere on the graph. Cursor has to be on the main line area. This was the most ridiculous “feature” and made no sense to me.
        I’m not sure about Pro-Q3, but SliceEQ doesn’t have option to switch off spectrum analyzer. To sum it up, you made a good investment. For me these two eqs are far from each other.

        • you can switch off the analyzer in pro-q 3 (also you can choose between pre or post eq analysis, or both graphs at the same time).

          i switch it off a lot, because on my macbook pro from 2014 the spectrum analyzer makes a big difference in cpu load as soon as the sessions start to get a bit more crowded.

          thanks a lot for your points, sure i could have tried a demo version or researched on the internet, but having conversations about things like that is nice too.

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