LibreArp Is A FREE Pattern-Based Arpeggiator Plugin


LibreArp free and open-source pattern-based arpeggiator updated to LibreArp v2.3.

LibreArp v2.3 is a free arpeggiator in VST3 and LV2 plugin formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

A simple arpeggiator can be a pretty powerful tool that can deliver great-sounding results quickly. LibreArp seems to be exactly that, a simple arpeggiator that doesn’t over-complicate anything.

LibreArp v2.3 features a brand new look for the GUI, with four tabs; Pattern Editor, Behaviour, Global Settings, and About.

The Pattern Editor is where you’ll do most of your work, like setting the length of your loop and drawing in your pattern. The editor allows you to zoom in/out, and that can be helpful when adjusting velocity, which is available per note.

Above the pattern grid, you’ll see controls for Reset and Snap; everything in the Pattern Editor is straightforward to allow you to work quickly.

LibreArp also supports infinite polyphony. So, while it’s an intentionally straightforward plugin, it can produce complex patterns.

If you stumble onto a pattern you love, you can easily save/load user presets.

The Behaviour tab is where you can find MIDI channel settings, and it gives you the option to use input note velocity. It also gives you a chance to opt-in for update notifications.

This latest update comes with some significant new features, along with optimized performance and looks.

Realtime Swing will allow you to add a more human element to your patterns. Depending on the genre of music, being able to swing or drag the pattern just a little can make all the difference.

Other new features include:

  • Chord Size – This feature lets you set a fixed number of notes to be used.
  • Smart Octaves – Higher pattern notes will always have a higher pitch.
  • Bypass – A simple bypass function that will be useful in some DAWs.

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If you like LibreArp, consider supporting the developer, and if you find any issues, constructive feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

Download: LibreArp (1.45 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST3/LV2 plugin format for Windows, macOS, Linux)


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    • Hello, I really love its (apparent) simplicity, really really cool and useful.
      The only thing I would really love is to see the help (a simple text box would be enough) within the VST itself.
      There are many Alt+ Shift+ shortcuts… and they are not in phase with my own Reaper shortcuts, so I always forget what does what…
      Or maybe a tooltip (there is one for the obvious ” drag note”, maybe you could add more text here?

      Anyways, great thanks for this tool, and for making it open source as well!

      • Oto Šťáva


        Glad you like it!
        Thanks for that feedback. I’m not sure I want to add a full-fledged help into the plugin, it would probably need to be kind of a complex thing for it to be the same as what is on the website. But extending the tooltip text does sound like a really good (and frankly obvious – can’t believe I didn’t think of it in the first place) idea. I’m adding that to my to-do list.

  1. Adam-Division One


    Oto – we needed this :) Wonderfull stuff. Not many arps can do thiose things as yours do (specially multi pattern modes).Keep it up ! Best regards. Division One

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